$1.29M given to Mesa school district to expand career, technical education

Maricopa County Supervisors recently approved $1.29 million in funding to provide career and technical education opportunities for high school students at Mesa Public Schools.

The Jan. 26 approval comes a week before the start of CTE Month, according to the release, and the annual February observation aims to raise awareness of the important role careers and technical education play for students and the economy. I’m doing it.

“There are multiple paths to career success. While college and military service are perfect for some young men and women, others focus on joining the workforce.” of students have the opportunity to develop skills in a specific area even before graduating from high school.”

Career and technical education directly prepares students for high-demand careers in many sectors that support today’s economy, including healthcare, information technology, hospitality, and advanced manufacturing. Through the CTE program, high school students gain real-world skills while exploring potential career paths to find their passion.

The CTE program helps students enhance their high school experience and jump into postsecondary education. They earn college credits during high school, giving them confidence in college and career paths after graduation.

“We strongly advocate providing our students with real-world skills to supplement what they learn in the textbook,” said Thomas Galvin, supervisor representing the rest of Mesa and District 2, in a release. I was. “By investing in career and technical pursuits and saying no to one-size-fits-all education, we can be more inclusive of children of all backgrounds, interests and learning styles.”

This funding, part of Maricopa County’s American Relief Plan Act allocation, will allow Mesa Public Schools to launch a new model of CTE courses that provide career exploration and navigation, connectivity to community colleges, universities, and trade/technical schools. can be implemented. career guidance.

Funding for Mesa Public Schools complements other recent investments by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and enhances career development opportunities for county residents. This includes her recent $6.4 million program to support the career paths of qualified students at Maricopa County Community College, and her $12 million funding for expansion. Her $14.5 million investment in apprenticeship opportunities and training and certifying workers in high-demand career areas, the release said.

For more information about the workforce and other support programs available, visit Maricopa.gov/HSD and find financial, housing, legal, health, and education assistance available at Maricopa.gov/Rescue.

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