10 Things Fans Should Know About Jamie Hayter’s Wrestling Career Before AEW

when AEW Initially, its women’s division was very thin, but it has come a long way in three years. In fact, there are many women with legitimate skills and experience in the department. Jamie Hayter is her current AEW Women’s Champion, and her in-ring abilities are central to her character and has done a great job of getting over it. She’s tough and can speak pretty well when she needs to.

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Hayter has been wrestling for several years and at only 27 years old, she still has a lot of time left in her career. Most North American fans know Hater for her work with AEW, but she made a name for herself in both the UK and Japan before officially signing with AEW. rice field.

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Ten Her career started in 2015

Jamie is one of many wrestlers from the UK and that explains her physical style. She made her official in-ring debut in 2015 for a small British indie promotion called South Coast Wrestling, where she faced Jeannie Couture in her singles match.

Hater ultimately lost the match, but it made sense because she was literally just starting her career. It’s hard to believe I was wrestling over 5 years ago.

9 She had a pretty good single with Stardom

Jamie Hayter Wins Stardom's SWA Title

Many of the world’s best women have competed for stardom in Japan. Hayter made her stardom debut in 2018, entering her 5 Star Grand Prix her tournament. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the final.

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This didn’t stop her from getting some pretty good pushes. Although she officially held the title for 235 days, she never defended it due to the pandemic and she was forced to surrender her title as she was unable to travel to Japan.

8 She became a tag team champion with Bea Priestley

Jamie Hayter Be Priestly Stardom

Oedo Tai is the name of Stardom’s heel faction, and Hater joined the group in 2019. She became her partner in tag team with Blair stablemate Bee, who went by the name Davenport when she was in NXT UK, and they became her successful tag team. .

They defeated Jungle Kyona and Konami to become the new Goddesses of Stardom Champions. So far, this is the only tag team championship Hater has won in her career.

7 Her Feud With Utami Hayashishita

Hayashishita & Hayter press conference before the championship match

Utami Hayashishita is a 24-year-old star who has achieved a lot in stardom. She debuted and was quickly pushed to win every title Stardom has to offer. She already has many rivals, but Jamie Hayter really stands out.

Hayter scored several victories over Hayashishita when she was considered a protected star in stardom. defended the tag title against Hayter also defeated Hayashishita for the EVE International Title.

6 She won the SHE-1 tournament held in the UK

Jamie Hayter She-1 Tournament

Pro Wrestling: EVE is a British independent women’s promotion and is considered one of the best women’s promotions in the world. In 2018, the SHE-1 tournament was created and the first Pro Wrestling EVE International Championship was won. Hayter entered her first two tournaments, but she failed to win.

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Her third appearance came in 2019, when she defeated both Toni Storm and Chris Wolfe in a three-way elimination match to finally win the championship. She went on to hold her title for 216 days.

Five Her Time at RevPro Wrestling

Jamie Hayter as RevPro British Women's Champion

Jamie made his RevPro Wrestling debut shortly after his first official match and had considerable success in promotion. In 2018, she faced Ginny Couture again, but this time she defeated her and in doing so, Jamie became the undisputed British Women’s Champion.

She held the title for 182 days before losing it to Zoe Lucas, but defeated Gisele Shaw to win her second title in 2021. She vacated the title after 133 days, as she participated in WWE tryouts rather than defending the title at the event.

Four She fought for AEW in the early days of Dynamite

Jamie Hayter gets caught in Britt Baker's Lockjaw

Many relatively unknown sumo wrestlers appear AEW Dark When dark: elevationbut there was a time when many unfamiliar names appeared dynamiteBefore Jamie officially signed with AEW, she appeared in two episodes of . dynamite.

She appeared in Episode 4 losing to Britt Baker, and a few weeks later teamed with Emi Sakura to defeat Riho and Shana. Maybe, but it’s understandable because her real-life debut had a much bigger impact.

3 Britt Baker is why AEW officially signed her

Britt Baker & Jaime Hayter AEW Dynamite Entrance

Even those who don’t like Britt Baker need to give her credit for helping AEW’s women’s division grow, and she’s the reason Jamie Hayter is at AEW.before their game dynamitethey faced each other at EVE’s she slams on saturday! event.

Hater won and Britt was very impressed with her in-ring abilities. In 2021, when her travel restrictions began to ease, Britt went to Tony Kahn and Kenny Omega to urge her signing Jamie. The rest, as they say, is history.

2 She competed in NXT UK

Piper Niven vs Jamie Hayter NXT UK

Back when WWE cared about NXT UK, they brought in tons of British wrestlers to help build the promotion, so it’s no surprise that Hayter actually made it to the WWE ring. I was crushed after playing just one NXT UK match.

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The match took place in May 2019, where she faced Piper Niven before WWE changed its name to Doudrop. lost.

1 She won the singles title she never lost

Jamie Hayter EVE International Champion

Jamie is enjoying her current run as AEW Women’s Champion, but her first single title win was truly historic. While she was competing in her big league wrestling in England, she defeated Aisha her Raymond to become the promotion’s first women’s champion.

She successfully defended the title twice and enjoyed a 700-day run as champion.BLW closed in 2019. In other words, Hayter never lost the title. This also meant that she was the longest reigning and only female champion in BLW history.

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