11 of the Weirdest Careers for Creative People

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If you want to work in a film, television, or theater production, there are (many) worse jobs than being an intimate coordinator. This relatively new position involves facilitating any scene involving physical intimacy, from kissing to sex. Acting as a liaison between the director and the producers and actors, making sure everyone agrees on everything and consulting with the director on how to achieve their vision.

Productions that have the budget to hire an intimate coordinator take it very seriously. You have to pass… Recruitment in the first place. Hollywood is about people you know. Skills and background in production are soft requirements, plus familiarity with the intricacies of how these types of scenes are produced.

Many intimate coordinators come from an acting background, as actors understand the dynamics and expectations of performers. Some people make lateral movements from. one time You could jump through all these hoops, and you can expect to be paid between $1,100 and $1,450 per day for doing it. check out intimate professional association for more information.

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