5 Career Trends That Will Shake up the Workplace in 2023

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We’ve survived over two years of rapid labor market change, and it’s not over yet.

There are many reasons for optimism for job seekers. Job growth is strong, wages are high and vacancies are plentiful in many industries.

Still, economic uncertainty has raised concerns about what the labor market will look like in 2023.

As we enter the new year, here are five career trends to watch.

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salary transparency

New laws requiring employers to disclose salaries are making headlines in New York City and Colorado, but there are other states where it comes from: California (home to about 40 million people) and Washington. The Transparency Act will come into force in January.

While this is welcome news for job seekers, it also benefits employees who are staying in their current roles. In 2023, millions of job listings with detailed salary ranges will be posted on job sites, giving anyone with an internet connection a new bargaining chip to help negotiate your next pay raise.

Remote and hybrid work

Like it or not, remote work isn’t going away. Although many offices have reopened, full or partial remote scheduling is still very popular among employees. Surveyed by Gallup this summer, only 6% of his more than 8,000 employees said they would prefer to work entirely within an office.

“The Covid experience has shown that people can do things differently,” said career counselor and coach Lynn Berger.

At least for now, companies are listening to their employees. More than half (55%) of Gallup survey respondents expect to continue to adopt hybrid schedules, and 22% expect to be able to continue working fully remotely.

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better advantage

Vacations are great, but vacations aren’t the only perks a job can give you.

Employers are increasingly offering perks beyond paid time off and health insurance to attract recruits. Think mental health care, tuition reimbursement, financial coaching, virtual health care, flexible work schedules, just to name a few. A recent survey by health and benefits company Mercer found that more than two-thirds of his large employers plan to beef up his benefits package in 2023.

If your company doesn’t offer the perks you want, don’t despair. Berger said he sees more employees negotiating particularly unique individual benefits, such as coworking space memberships and flexible work schedules that deviate from the traditional He’s 9-5. He said he’s been watching.

The outlook for new graduates is bright

Despite the looming economic slowdown, new graduates can expect more opportunities next year. A recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that employers plan to hire her 2023 graduates 15% more than her 2022 graduates.

“Even though there’s been a lot of talk about the recession, employers still expect to hire more graduates this year than they did last year,” NACE Executive Director Shawn VanDerziel said in a news release. I got

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uncertainty on the horizon

The labor market is changing. Tech giants such as Twitter, Meta, and Amazon have laid off thousands of employees, and additional cuts may be on the horizon.

While it’s impossible to predict how things will play out in the coming months, it’s clear that the job market heading into 2023 will be very different from 2022.

Career counselor Rich Ferrer says those looking for a new job next year should look for quick courses that focus on industry-specific skills, what experts call “micro-training,” to give them an edge in the job market. I advise you to stand up. Think coding bootcamps or marketing certificates instead of a bachelor’s degree.

“What skills can you learn quickly, efficiently, and cheaply?” asks Feller.

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