5 Guidance Sites to Find a Career Path and Pick the Right Job for You

What job best suits your skills, personality, values, and knowledge? What do you need in terms of education or other qualifications to get that job? What is your professional career path in that field? What and what kind of growth and future can we expect? These great career guidance websites have all the answers you need, whether you’re working a well-structured traditional job or challenging yourself to create a project.

1. Become (Web): Find Your Career Path, Education Needed, Salary Expectations

Bebe (previously Learn How to Bebe) is one of the best websites for getting career advice for almost any career you want to pursue. These categories are broadly divided into Arts & Humanities, Occupations, Finance & Business, Computers, Engineering, Medicine, Science, and Technology.

Each category has several professions, each with its own guide. For example, check out our guide on how to become a filmmaker. Bebe explains how school can prepare you and the types of courses and degrees you can take at university. It will also tell you which type of course is suitable for you based on your current level.

For each type of role in the film industry, Become provides an idea of ​​what the job entails, the educational requirements, the skills required for that role, and the average salary for all roles. We also cite trusted resources to find industry trends and future prospects. All in all, you’ll get a basic overview of how to plan your career path for your chosen profession.

2. My Next Move (Web): The Official Career Guide for the U.S. Department of Labor

My Next Move is the official website of the U.S. Department of Labor, which helps people understand career choices through snapshots of over 900 occupations.

The U.S. Department of Labor operates an online portal called My Next Move, where anyone can find their future career and see what their work life would be like in any profession. It is based on the latest industry and employment statistics from the Department of Labor and O*Net (Occupational Information Network).

On the home page, you can search for careers using keywords, browse the entire list of over 900 occupations by industry, and take the O*Net Interest Profiler quiz to determine which career is right for you. increase. Please note that My Next Move has a special section for veterans transitioning from military to civilian careers. The website highlights careers that have many openings now or in the near future in the Bright Outlook section, and Job Prep shows careers that require the same level of education and training.

Select one of the professions and My Next Move will give you a summary of the basics you need to know. Find out what they do, what they’re likely to need for their jobs, and the education, knowledge, skill sets, technologies, and capabilities they need. It also explains which type of personality is best suited for the profession. You’ll also find average salaries and job prospects for that career, as well as additional links if you’d like to learn more about pursuing that profession.

CareerOneStop has several career guidance tools, an app for comparing careers, and a great online self-assessment feature to help you figure out which jobs are right for you.

CareerOneStop, another US Department of Labor website, offers a variety of tools and free quizzes to help you find the right career for you. The starting point is self-assessment. This will help you find the right career based on your personality and skills.

Begin with a 30-question interest assessment quiz and then take the Skill Matcher test to identify the jobs your skills are best suited for. Finally, take the Work Value Matcher and discover the qualities that are essential to you at work. CareerOneStop experts recommend taking the self-assessment skills multiple times before revising a single path.

The website includes a series of other cool tools to help you decide which career path to choose. Compare skill sets, levels of training, licenses, certifications, and other relevant data. Also, to see guidance for specific types of people, such as new hires, career transitions, workers over 55, and workers with disabilities,[リソース]Also check out the menu.

4. Which career is right for me? (Web): Detailed career aptitude test and job database

Which career is right for me offers the best free online career aptitude tests that consider different things about a person to find complementary occupations

What Career Is Right For Me (WCIRFM) has a variety of tools and resources to help you decide which career to pursue. There is one of the more detailed career aptitude tests available on the internet as it assesses your skills, interests, work style, professional and personal values, target salary, educational requirements and job growth. Based on these inputs, the app will tell you which jobs are best suited for you.

WCIRFM offers some cool ways to browse the database of all careers. For example, you can sort the list by the highest paying careers of the most profitable career paths based on the median salary of a national survey. Likewise, you can check out our list of fastest growing careers to see which jobs are most in demand in the US.

Click on any job to see two boxes with a brief description of what the job entails. The first box shows median annual income, educational requirements, projected growth, tasks related to the job, and the skills required to do it. The second box shows current job postings for that occupation, so you can see what the market value and demand are.

5. Find a Path (Web): An interactive workbook to create your own work

Find a Path is a series of interactive exercises in Google Docs to help you find your perfect side hustle and turn it from scratch into a full-time job.

In today’s industry, most professionals have side jobs outside of their regular jobs. If you haven’t started yet or don’t know what to do, head over to Find a Path. It features a series of interactive workbooks that guide you through how to start a successful side project.

As the developer says, there are some guides and advice articles online about what to do, but nothing on how to come up with the right project. Find a Path attacks this missing information by breaking the process into a series of exercises. That means examining yourself, studying the world, understanding people, brainstorming ideas, validating ideas, building to make them happen, promoting yourself, monetizing and quitting. Your nine to five.

Each exercise is a Google doc that guides you through each step and asks questions that need to be answered in the doc itself. Through this process, you will clarify your thoughts, let go of bad thoughts, and find purpose for your side hustle. Hopefully you can turn it into your primary source of income.

don’t be afraid to change

Through these various career guidance resources, you can start your own confident and rewarding journey. But remember, you don’t have to stick to that goal forever. People change, situations change, goals change. If you are unsatisfied with your job search, you can always visit these websites to re-evaluate your choices.

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