5 Least Memorable Moments In Derek Carr’s Raiders Career

Not easy to read. Let’s get out of the way. This is especially true if you’re a big fan of the signal callers currently on the bench. With that said, let’s recap some of the lowest moments in the career of Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

“Autumn Wind” has been a joke for many for many years. The franchise’s once-great hope appears to have played his final game with the Raiders. This makes it seem like a new era has arrived. Kerr helped the Raiders regain relevance during his tenure, but he couldn’t get over the hump. Finally, results matter. Here are five of the worst moments of Kerr’s career.

Week 14, 2016: Derek Carr struggles against KC

Oakland stormed into the game on a sixth straight win and entered Thursday’s night game. They faced the Kansas City Chiefs in a battle for the lead. Kerr and the team splattered. Kerr had a terrible 17 of 41 for 117 yards with no touchdowns and a 49.1 rating. In the second half, there were two drives from within 20 cars. They failed to close the gap with him only managing three points on those drives. It was the biggest game of his career, a playoff appearance that could have been locked in, and Kerr didn’t play. They made it to the playoffs the following week, but when the lights came on, Kerr didn’t show up.

Week 12, 2019: Jets fiasco

It was his final season in Oakland, and the Raiders managed to win three straight games to enter the playoff positions. They looked like an easy win over his 3-7 New York Jets, but it was a hell of a bunch. Carr went 15-27 with 127 and had an interception that was returned for a touchdown. Carr was unable to continue playing and in a game that might have given him an extra push to secure playoff qualification, it was not intended. Neither the first nor the last, instead he received a lot of criticism for his play.

Week 12, 2020: Fighting the Falcons

His first season in Las Vegas started off very promising. The Raiders set his 6-3 record and came into the Falcons game after a Super Bowl-defending run-off against his champion Chiefs. As in the previous year, the Raiders were playing against his 3-7 team and all signs were pointing towards victory. oh well, you know the rest. Carr went 22 of 34 and returned another interception for a touchdown. His QBR was only 9.3 he had. The loss and poor performance saw Vegas fall to 6-5 and ultimately miss the playoffs.

Week 14, 2022: Derek Carr lost against Rams this year

The Raiders were on a three-game winning streak, with two teams battling for playoff positions at the time. They faced the defending Super Bowl champion Rams team, but a shell of their former self, with many players out and Baker Mayfield playing just two days after joining the team. Did.

Everything was pointing to Vegas taking another win and blowing a breeze, right? Well, you know the deal. Derek went 11-of-20 with two interceptions and no touchdowns. His rating of 36.9 for him was terrifying and his pick before halftime turned the game around. With a 13–3 lead, Kerr floated a pass in his zone at the end, but it was picked off, preventing a point from occurring. At worst his 16-3 lead ended with nothing, and Carr couldn’t muster anything but his drive to a great opening, so Vegas lost his one.

Week 16, 2022: The final nail in the coffin

After one of the strangest endings to the previous week’s game, Vegas found themselves in a position to improve their playoff spot standings against the Steelers in a fight on Christmas Eve. The opening stanza was impressive. Kerr led the team with a 14-play, 72-yard drive and brought in a 14-yard touchdown pass. That was the only highlight of this game. The former starter went 16-for-30 with 174 yards, three interceptions, and his only touchdown. His rating is 42.2 he’s not sure if he feels the theme but no it’s not good. Three picks had the worst time.

After maintaining a 10-3 lead, Kerr bounced a pass from Foster Morrow for an interception. After a missed field goal, Kerr threw a pick behind Hunter Renfroe. And last but not least, with the team down 13-10, Kerr took down an open Renfrow and could end his tenure with a pass that would end his postseason run hopes. Highly sexual

What happened for Kerr and the Raiders

Week 16 of 2016 was Christmas Eve and the Raiders looked like they could gain home field advantage, but a broken leg dashed those hopes. The Raiders won’t return to the postseason until 2021.

What started out with so much promise for Kerr ended in disappointment. After all, “Once a Raider is always a Raider.”

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*Top photo: AP Photo/Matt Dunham

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