50 Cent Explains How Master P Finessed Him Early In His Career

50 Cent revisited the early moments of his career. Master P may have won him over thanks to his ability to see where Fif is going.

appearing in Big Boys Neighborhood Earlier this month, 50 Cent was asked about his thoughts on the recent public altercation between son Romeo Miller and P. The G-Unit mogul explained the situation between him and son Marquise. Millers said he hopes they can find a way back to the close relationship they once shared.

Fif then praised Master P’s business acumen, revealing that his first tour was made possible thanks to the founders of No Limit Records. However, 50 Cent suspects he won the negotiations in the process.

“All I can say about P is he was slick,” continued 50 Cent. “He came over and gave me money for eight shows, right? We did four of them. He said, ‘Oh, something happened and I have to take a break. Come back.’ , we’ll do the other four later, and when we came back and made the other four, we had already sold two million records, and he had already paid me, so I didn’t do the show. He knew!He was like, “This massafkka is on fire!” This disappears.

Though he didn’t go into detail about the arrangement, Master P did detail in an interview about Bankrolling 50’s first tour following the success of their 2002 single “Wanksta”. vlad tv in 2014.

“To be honest, I was the first to put 50 Cent on tour. I paid for his tour. His first tour,” Master P said. “He had a great record. He had the money to tour. He toured.”

P funded 50 Cent’s first tour, but due to his low-key demeanor, he didn’t get along with the rapper much during the tour, even though the two artists were on good terms with each other. He said he didn’t.

“I mean, I paid for the tour, so we were well with each other at the time,” he said. “We were cool. I was never the only one to be with people, like I was always lonely. I’m not disrespectful to anyone. We weren’t groupies or anything like that, see? I go take care of the money for the show and then do what I have to do. It was cool because he was always 100 years old. ”

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50 Cent had nothing but positive things to say about Master P, other than feeling that he might have been tricked.

“P is prolific,” he told Big Boy. “Do you know how much Snoop’s respect for Master P is? Anyone with a long enough career has its peaks and troughs, even if it’s spot on.

during his performance Big Boys Neighborhood While nothing to do with his music, 50 Cent marked another milestone in his own prolific career last week after receiving 15 new platinum plaques from the Recording Industry Association of America. .

The G-Unit boss took to Instagram on Friday (January 20th) with a post celebrating the latest addition to his plaque collection. The post included a list of the new certifications he received, 15 Platinum and 6 Gold Shields respectively, giving fans an idea of ​​what it would have been like to have kept the specific songs he gave away. I asked.

The first platinum-certified songs were “I Get Money,” “Patiently Waiting,” “Best Friend,” featuring Eminem, “Outta Control,” “Hate It Or Love It,” and “Window Shopper.”

Records added to the multi-platinum certification were ‘In Da Club’, ‘Just A Lil’ Bit’, ‘Disco Inferno’, ‘Many Men (Wish Death)’, ‘PIMP’ and ‘Candy Shop’.A ’50s collaboration with the late Nate Dogg, titled ’21 Questions’ from his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ It was also included in the list of four times platinum.

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