8 tips to use Facebook groups for job search and networking

When it comes to social media for professional networking, the most popular site is LinkedIn. However, it’s not the only option to help you find a job or expand your professional network. Facebook groups can also prove to be very beneficial.

We generally think of Facebook as a virtual place where people post about their personal lives. But come to think of it, Facebook users also post about their jobs. Not to mention, many over 200 million businesses have Facebook business pages where they post about business-related topics such as job postings. The social media platform is the most used worldwide and allows you to connect with over 2.9 billion active his users.

With the right strategy, you can use Facebook efficiently and successfully to land your next job. Here are his eight tips for getting the most out of Facebook in your job search or your next job search.

Be careful not to post inappropriate items on your personal page

First, if you want to use Facebook to build a professional network, make sure your profile doesn’t list anything inappropriate. Also, do not post anything that could be considered offensive or vulgar. Go back to your profile and remove such posts, such as photos of you drunk or overly provocative. Avoid highly dogmatic posts about business, politics, religion, etc. that could be seen as a disadvantage to working for a particular organization.

Pro tip: When looking for a job or a new job, it’s wise to make sure that all social media platforms, including Facebook, present you in the best possible positive light.

Join a group of interested professionals

There are over 10 million Facebook groups and 1.8 billion monthly users. Find and join a few groups that fit your interests and career goals.

Grow your Facebook network through connections

You tend to have common interests with others in the groups you participate in. As a result, you may hit it off with people in your group, enabling the possibility of new friendships that lead to introductions and stronger professional ties. However, be careful when using Facebook Messenger to communicate with others. Many people associate her Facebook with friendships and family connections, and with work connections, so I don’t want to be accused of abusing connections or her Facebook features.

Online networking is becoming the primary point of contact between professionals.

follow business page

Identify the company you want to work for and see if it has a business page. Most reputable companies do. Follow companies to get notified when they post and what they’re posting about. You can also browse and check their page regularly to see if they have any posts about open positions.

participate and answer

Joining a group and following a business page are great first steps. But to get the most out of your Facebook networking venture, share, reply, and interact in these groups and pages. If joining as a group:

follow the rules of the groupMany groups have rules about self-promotion and what types of posts are allowed, so check the group’s rules before posting or replying.

Ask questions to participateConsider asking to join the group if you have questions that haven’t been addressed before. Active members tend to answer questions for information and guidance.

Request support in searchAsk questions specific to the job query. For example, if you’re looking for a job in a particular city, you can ask if anyone in that location knows of a job opening in your field.

Share relevant news articles and postsOne of the easiest ways to join a group is to post a relevant news story or share another relevant post. However, there are countless fake news online, so scrutinize any news story before posting to make sure it’s legit.

Comment and like posts asking for adviceAnother easy way to participate in groups is to interact with group posts. Reply with comments or react to posts with likes to get the attention of group members, moderators, and admins.

When working with your business page, it’s most important to work professionally, comment on and like posts that interest you.

attend an in-person event

If you see people posting about local social networking events, consider participating. When we meet people in person, we tend to create stronger bonds and connections than when we meet virtually. That said, virtual professional networking groups can also add value to your social media job search.

Be selective when joining groups

With literally thousands of groups of interest to you, it’s easy to get inundated with notifications. We recommend starting with 3-5 groups of interest and going from there. If you find it easier to manage the groups you’re currently in without feeling overwhelmed or completely unable to join, you can choose to add one or two more groups to your list.

Terminate an inactive professional Facebook group

There is no shame in leaving the group. If you find that it doesn’t work or works for you, quit them. Once you’ve finished one group, you can research other groups that you think are more valuable or useful and join them to expand your Facebook job search efforts.

Recruiters and recruiters use Facebook

According to Jobvite, 68% of employers use Facebook for recruiting. The employer also indicated that Facebook was his second highest quality source of candidates after LinkedIn, with YouTube, Twitter and Instagram trailing him by more than 10%. Also, about 60% of companies verify a candidate’s girlfriend’s Facebook profile before hiring.

These stats highlight Facebook as a viable job search resource to support your next career move. Add Facebook to your list of tools using the tips above to help you succeed in your next job through social media.

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