8th students visit SUNY Broome for interactive career fair

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — On Wednesday, January 18, over 1,900 students from both Broome and Tioga counties visited SUNY Bloom for a direct return to the Spark Grade 8 Career Exploration Fair.

With more than 120 interactive activities by local businesses in the community, Rose Olsen, Director of Greater Binghamton Educational Outreach Programs, said the event will give students the opportunity to learn about a variety of career paths here in Broome County. I was.

“Eighth grade is a very important age because they can choose to go to high school and take coding classes if inspired by engineers, or BOCES Careers and Tech if inspired by manufacturing or audio. Because you can choose to go to institute, body or cosmetology school, said Rose Olsen.

She said each 15-minute course at different companies within the community not only helps students find the careers they are most interested in, but also the companies.

“Workforce is a big focus for our community right now and many businesses say they don’t have workers.Our economy is growing too and new businesses are opening up in the region. Our children may want to live here in the future because we love Binghamton, growing up and inspiring them now about careers will be a big part of our future careers. It’s going to help people,” said Rose Olsen.

Olsen said he was delighted to be able to host the event in person again and cannot wait until next year.

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