A basketball career milestone: Evergreen’s Jameson Mott hits the 1,000-point mark

The look on Jameson Mott’s face says it all — she was shocked when she learned she had reached 1,000 points, a major milestone in high school basketball.

The 5’11” forward, who has played for the Evergreen High School varsity team for four years, said he was not only surprised by the milestone on Jan. 5, but also by the celebration during the game.

Mott’s 1,000 points was achieved like many others. Senior Point After receiving a pass from her guard Bella her Reese, she fired a perfectly arched shot. Net only…and cue celebratory. Evergreen called a timeout, the stands erupted, and the announcer announced the result to the crowd.

Mott, 17, had little idea of ​​what to do, but her teammates did. They flocked to her when her student section unfurled a banner reading “1,000 points.”

The pain in Evergreen’s 42-27 loss to Standley Lake that night was a little easier thanks to Mott’s credit.

Head coach Maddy Honecker said, “Jameson has an innate ability[as a basketball player]an innate talent.” She probably goes to the gym six days a week.

Mott isn’t just a top-notch basketball player. She is also co-president of the student body, joins clubs, and during the semester she takes two advanced classes and works part-time at Mountain Daisy. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and baking with her older sister Lily. Their specialty, she said, is banana bread.

Father Chad Mott said, “Jemson is talented, but she is also willing to work hard in sports and in school.”She has met these challenges through hard work.This is no easy task. No. It’s all been done through the love of the game.”

4 outstanding years

Jameson’s rare milestone was achieved thanks to four stellar seasons, starting with 284 points as a freshman shooting guard in the 2019-20 season. Then in his sophomore campaign he scored 209 points and was honored as a First Team All-His Conference.

Last year she scored an additional 334 points and was named 4A Jefco Girls Basketball Player of the Year. Despite being one of the hardest defending players in the state this year, she has scored over 177 points and has caught the attention of all opponents.

“The downside is that[opponents]often double-team you if you’re the main scorer,” Chad said. So the points she earned are well earned.”

love for basketball

Jameson said he likes basketball because he likes team sports.

“Basketball is more connection,” she said. “With the right team, you can accomplish a lot.”

However, she added:

“My teammates inspire me,” she continued. “If I don’t keep up with my role, I let them down. I need to lose weight.”

She loves her team and calls her teammates “so sweet.”

start at an early age

Jameson fell in love with basketball in elementary school when he ventured into the sport through the Evergreen Park & ​​Recreation District Program.

“My brother was playing,” she said.

Jameson and brother Jackson Mott practiced in the Bergen Valley gymnasium, where their mother, Kim Mott, is a teacher, or at Evergreen High School, where Chad is a teacher.

She calls the Evergreen High School gymnasium her second home. Until Jackson graduated, the brothers practiced almost every day for about 90 minutes or until they needed the gym to practice another sport.

Chad remembers Jameson scoring 28 points in his first game at Evergreen against Battle Mountain as a freshman.

Jameson said the team had eight seniors, so starting in the first game of the season was pretty shocking.

Thinking like Dillon

Evergreen’s last 1,000 point hit was Claudia Dillon in 2019, and Honecker said she wished Dillon and Jameson had the chance to play together at Evergreen.

“They have a lot of similarities,” Honecker said. “Both are incredibly smart academically and care deeply about their families. They both have a strong work ethic and determination. increase.”

more basketball in her future

Jameson committed to playing basketball at Gettysburg College, a liberal arts school with a solid basketball team in Pennsylvania.

“We looked at a lot of schools,” Chad said. “Gettysburg ticked all the boxes when I made my list of pros and cons.”

Ironically, Jameson’s parents grew up in Gettysburg, and Chad’s father was a professor at Gettysburg University for 55 years. Her parents still have cousins ​​in the area and Jameson will have the opportunity to connect with them during his college years.

Jameson plans to major in marketing, hoping to pursue a career in women’s athletic fashion.

caring, caring

Kim said her family joked that Jameson was the friendliest member of the family.

“She always has a smile on her face, is always happy to help, and is very attentive to everyone,” said Kim. “I think that’s the best quality.”

Longtime teammate Reese said Jameson was “the perfect teammate, always looking into her fellow players and their mental health and academics. She’s especially good at encouraging her junior teammates.” am.”

Honecker said Jameson was a big help to his young players.

“Jameson has always been a carer for young kids,” Honecker said.

Chad enjoys watching Jameson’s basketball career and her achievement of 1,000 points.

“It’s been a lot of fun for her,” Chad said of Milestone.

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