A Look at Ashly Burch’s Legendary Career

There are several game voice actors as prolific as Ashley Burch.She’s ubiquitous, appearing in as many games as iconic gaming voice actors like Troy Baker and Laura Bailey. Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?a series of online sketch comedy videos featuring Burch and her brother, Anthony Burch.

When Anthony was hired as a writer Borderlands 2Birch’s audition landed her the role as little Tina.The rest is history.Since Borderlands 2Birch has voiced several iconic characters and has become an important part of gaming history.

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Ashley Burch and Life is Strange

life is strange is a series of episodic story-based games developed by Dontnod and Deck Nine. The game centers around a young man who discovers that he has supernatural abilities. They try to use their powers to make their friends’ lives better, but often find that things aren’t as simple as they seem, and even good intentions can lead to bad consequences.

During the development of the first game, Birch auditioned to voice multiple characters in the game, including Victoria Chase, Kate Marsh, and main character Max Caulfield. She was hired to voice Chloe Price, Max’s best friend. Although she is not the main character, Chloe is a very famous and fan-favorite character. life is strange, and much of what Max does with her powers is to protect or support her. But behind her rebellious exterior was someone deeply hurt by her father’s death.

Thanks to Birch’s masterful voice acting, Chloe’s character comes to life, making her one of the most memorable parts of the film. life is strangeChloe gets a whole game dedicated to her Life is Strange: Before the StormIt is a prequel to life is strangeDue to a voice acting strike during the development of the game, Birch did not return to voice Chloe, instead Lyanna DeVries. came back to the voice of before the stormDLC.

Ashley Burch and Aloy

Aloy of the Horizon Forbidden Wince of the West.

When Guerrilla Games decided to start developing Horizon Zero Dawn, which was a very risky move for the studio. For years now he has been working on a first-person shooter game franchise. kill zoneA third-person action-adventure open-world game is a dime. Horizon Zero Dawn For it to stand out, it has to be a special game. Luckily, Guerrilla Games was able to create a truly unique game through their robotic dinosaur enemies. However, much of the game’s success can be attributed to the good clicks that main character Aloy made with fans.

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Aloy, voiced by Ashly Burch, is an outcast living in the post-apocalyptic future. She aspires to join the Nora tribe through an event called The Proving, but it is cut short when Nora is massacred by cultists. Head off on a quest to find out more about what’s going on.

Birch’s voice acting is excellent and brings Aloy to life. As Aloy explores the world around her, she is often talking to herself, gasping, and growling while interacting with her surroundings. Through Burch, Aloy’s independent yet caring personality is brought to the fore, making her a character gamers can appreciate and admire.Birch reprise her role as Aloy Horizon Forbidden Westand yet again, her performance is unforgettable.

Burch Gos to Space with The Outer Worlds

Parvati of the Outer World

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, outside world is a first-person RPG set in a reality where capitalism has spiraled out of control. The player first explores Edgewater, eventually encountering Parvati, voiced by Birch, and Holcomb. Parvati is an interesting character because he is an engineer and maintains his innocence in a world of greedy hypercapitalists.

Parvati is asexual, which is rare in games, but her romantic adventures, character development, and overall wholesomeness make her a standout. outside world 2 was announced, but it is not clear if Birch will return.

Birch’s Long Career in Gaming

A close-up of Tiny Tina's big smile in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

After playing Tiny Tina Borderlands 2Birch returned to the series Borderlands 3 and spin off games Little Tina’s WonderlandShe has voiced several franchises including; saints row, PersonaWhen Last of Us where she voices mel The Last of Us 2Burch can also be heard in superhero games such as: Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Marvel’s AvengersWhen Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Orderto name a few.

with the success of Horizon Forbidden West, Birch’s career seems to be going nowhere. Her voice acting talent is responsible for giving so much personality to so many iconic characters, and countless game characters like Tina, Aloy, and Chloe have made Birch a favorite. Many gamers may overlook the role of voice actors and actresses in games, but people like Birch are proof of just how much good voice actors and actresses can add to a game. I’m here.

Borderlands 2 Available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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