A Look At The Incredible Career of Mohamed Ibrahim

The Gophers’ 28-20 victory over Syracuse was great, but it had its downsides. Mohamed Ibrahim’s career came to an end. He hasn’t officially declared himself in the 2023 NFL Draft, but it could happen soon. .

Recovery from achilles tendon rupture

2021 looked like it would be a good year for the Gophers, and it started out that way. The Gophers gave it all they had against his No. 4 Ohio State team. They led 14-10 at the half and 21-17 early in the third. Then it all went south for the Gophers when Mohamed Ibrahim left the game with an injury.

The Gophers had a good year, but it wasn’t the same. 2022 is here and Mohamed Ibrahim picked up where he left off against the Buckeyes. He had a career season. A long lasting memory for any Gopher fan.

his career stats

So let me go ahead and list his stats from 2018 to 2022.


  • Carry – 202 (6th in Big 10)
  • Yards – 1,160 (4th in Big 10)
  • Average – 5.7 (8th in Big 10)
  • Touchdowns – 9 (7th in Big 10)


  • Carry – 114
  • Yards – 604
  • Average – 5.3 (7th in Big 10)
  • Touchdown – 7


  • Carry – 201 (first in Big 10)
  • Yards – 1,076 (first in Big 10)
  • Average – 5.4 (8th in Big 10)
  • Touchdowns – 15 (1st in Big 10, 5th nationally)

2021 (Ohio State Games):

  • Carry – 30
  • Yards – 163
  • Average – 5.4
  • Touchdown – 2


  • Carries – 320 (2nd in Big 10, 3rd nationally)
  • Yards – 1,665 (1st in the Big 10, 3rd in the U.S.)
  • Average – 5.2 (8th in Big 10)
  • Touchdowns – 20 (Big 10 and National Firsts)

Carrier Total:

  • Career – 867 (15th all-time in Big 10)
  • Yards – 4,668 (11th all-time in Big 10)
  • Average – 5.4
  • Touchdowns – 53 (5th all-time in Big 10)

Mohamed Ibrahim has made a big mark on the University of Minnesota’s football program. He achieved 1,000 rushing yards three times a season, and in each of his five seasons with Minneapolis, he averaged no less than 5 yards of carry. These are some impressive feats as a player. He also led the Big 10 in rushing in 2020 and 2022 and finished 11th all-time in rushing yards in the conference.

In rushing touchdowns, he led the Big 10 in 2020 and 2022 and the NCAA in 2022. In the Big 10 he had 53 rushing touchdowns, fifth all-time. Just great. It’s such a farce that he didn’t win, let alone be nominated for, the Dork Walker Award, and he didn’t finish this season’s numbers. So let’s take a look at all the records he owns as his gopher.

all records he owns

  • Single season rushing record – 1,665 (previous record: David Cobb – 1,624)
  • Single season rushing touchdown record – 20 (previous record: Gary Russell – 19)
  • Single season record – 320 (previous record: David Cobb 314)
  • All-time rushing record – 4,668 (previous record: Darrell Thompson – 4,654)
  • All-time rushing touchdown record – 53 (previous record: Darrell Thompson – 40)
  • All-time touchdown record -53 (previous record: Darrell Thompson – 43)
  • Most 100-yard games record – 24 (previous record: Darrell Thompson – 23)

This is one heck of a list. His three records in one season and he has missed one game this year. There are also his four all-time records for Gopher. His career has been nothing short of spectacular. He broke some records by a small margin, but he smashed others. Mo’s career has been amazing to watch. He was happy to see the development over the last five years. Mohamed Ibrahim is a Gopher legend in his own right, and his number should retire next season.

What’s next for Mo and the Gophers

As I mentioned in the beginning, Moe’s career in Minnesota is over and now we’re waiting for him to be declared in the NFL Draft. His mock draft predictions put him somewhere in the fourth round and is considered the eighth best running back in the draft according to the NFL Draft Buzz. , may not be on many teams’ draft boards. After all, it’s too early to be in draft talks and he hasn’t declared yet, so for now we’ll just have to wait and see where he goes next.

For the Gophers, they don’t have another Mo on the team. That’s the reality. The good news is that Trey Potts and Zach Evans will be there next year. No. Gophers seem fine anyway.

With Potts’ experience, hopes for Evans and the signing of four-star recruit Darius Taylor in the 2023 class, his return to the Gophers looks to be going well. On top of that, the passing game will be the focal point of the offense next season, with Atan Kaliakmanis likely to be the starter.

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