A New Talent Leader At Guild, Fauci’s Career And Sick Leave For Rail Workers

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T.This is a career newsletter, but it doesn’t often cover executives moving from job to job. Patagonia’s former head of human resources, Dean Carter, is the chief human resources officer at Guild, a skill-building and education platform.

But Carter’s move is interesting not only because he’s a highly sought-after figure in HR. Mr. Carter hails from a company known for Onsite Child Care, a bail program for employees arrested for protesting issues, and a four-day work week every other week. (The latter, Carter said, was a climber and skier, but started to keep employees who didn’t have time to leave Southern California regularly on weekends. Nice!)

Also, many CHROs will have a much more external role than they normally do. When her CEO and co-founder of Guild, Rachel Romer, recently decided to redesign the role of the company’s chief people officer, she wanted something different. “The job is both about being a leader in the Chief People Officer community that we work with, but also about being internally focused: our customers. We wanted to have a broader Chief People Officer authority that looked at

At Guild, which has approximately 1,400 employees, Carter’s initial focus is on employee career paths and a continued commitment to diversity and inclusion within the company. But his job is also to help develop Guild’s leadership team and work externally with his CHRO his partners at Guild. He plans to create a consortium of his leading CHROs to develop a curriculum that allows HR leaders to develop their careers through the guild’s marketplace, and to serve as advocates for HR leaders at webinars and events. .

“We have an opportunity to really shape the future of work,” Carter said of ideas that foster conversations with the outside world. “There was a moment when the future of work was how we consolidated opportunities for everyone into the few. You can read more about the story here.

— with assistant editor Emmy Lucas

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Tenure power: Dr. Anthony Fauci will step down as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the end of this year amid an increasing number of “job seekers.” forbes Contributor Tess Brigham outlines the pros and cons of working for the same company for most of your career. Contributor Edward Segal, meanwhile, details the crisis lessons to be learned from Fauci’s leadership.

Layoffs continue: forbes The US is recording the biggest layoffs of the year as companies react to fears of a recession. Banking giant Goldman Sachs has finalized plans to cut more than 400 retail jobs in his banking, Bloomberg reported. new york times First reported in September.

Sick leave: A group of 73 congressmen are calling on President Joe Biden to use an executive order to ensure sick time for railroad workers. Some progressives faced backlash for voting in favor of a deal between unions and the railroad industry that would not guarantee paid sick leave. forbes Reported by Nicholas Lyman.

Economic outlook: With stocks crashing last quarter and the Federal Reserve grappling with inflation, American household wealth is evaporating, losing more than $6.8 trillion this year. forbes Jonathan Ponciano reports. Senior contributor William Baldwin explains what bond buyers need to know about the consumer price index.

The new program aims to expand career opportunities. The U.S. National Science Foundation has created a new workforce program called Enabling Partnerships to Enhance Innovation Capabilities to award $20 million to community colleges, HBCUs, and institutions serving minorities. The goal is to help faculty and administrators expand programs that lead to new technology jobs and startups. forbes Written by contributor Shalin Jyotishi.

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