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Alexa Bliss fondly recalls working with Bray Wyatt, calling it the most enjoyable time of her entire career.

In the summer of 2020, Alexa Bliss became involved in a storyline between tag team partners Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt in the Mixed Match Challenge. As their alliance continued over the next few months, Bliss often went into a trance, finding herself playing The Fiend’s signature Sister Abigail finisher, and later that year she was cast by Randy Orton. was deeply involved in Wyatt’s storyline with.

Speaking with BT Sports’ Rob Armstrong about what happened, Alexa Bliss looked back on her time working with Wyatt, calling it the most fun she’s had in her career and even her entire life. said.

“It’s been the most fun I’ve had in my career so far. The most fun I’ve had in my career so far has been, quite simply, this period. Life has never been more fun.”

Bliss went on to say that he had been on board with the idea of ​​working with Wyatt since it came about, before turning heel to work with the former NXT Tag Team Champions. Revealed that he pitched the characters. Blake and Murphy.

“100%. Before Blake and Murphy, we pitched a character like this in NXT, Dark Alexa. I always liked doing something different. Looking back, I remember thinking, “Oh, I was like six or seven different versions of myself.” It was a lot of fun. I love being able to draw characters. I love being outside the box and being able to do a lot of different things, and this was the most fun. ”

When asked about Seth Rollins commenting that The Fiend was difficult to work with from a character standpoint, Alexa Bliss called Bray Wyatt a “creative genius” and compared her game as a performer to She said she appreciated the challenge because it made her step up.

“He was such a creative genius that he made me want to step up my game. I found myself on this high-speed train every time I said, “Okay, I have an idea for this, this, this, this.” Hell. So it was one of those things.

“He’s a fast train. He’s creatively always forward, always thinking, always thinking of the next, always saying, ‘Have you seen this documentary? Because you can take something from, you can take something from the Manson situation, there are all these things that you can take.

“So I never really studied the character as much as I did when I was with Bray, and I think that’s why it was so much fun for me, too. I was doing something completely different, but in real life.” It was really cool because I was taking something from and putting it into a character for the first time.

Alexa Bliss continued to praise Bray Wyatt’s creative talents, saying that working with him allowed her to unlock another side of her own creativity.

“He’s such a creative genius. He’s got all these ideas.Some of them are so out there that you have to get involved. And he’s got all these really good ideas, and it was a lot of fun sitting with him and exchanging ideas.

“But working with him has now creatively unlocked another side of my brain to give me ideas to suggest and try to portray. It’s so much more than that.” Thanks to him, I was able to come up with the Lily concept, so it was cool.It was really cool.”

In recent weeks, WWE Raw fans have seen teasing that Alexa Bliss may rejoin Bray Wyatt in the near future. His moth logo appeared on the screen behind her during her segment, and her trance-like state seemed to return last week. She was about to hand Sister Abigail over to RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Blair.

“Obviously, he’s been such an important part of WWE and has such a presence and character that it’s been great to have him back because it felt like there was a void for this character. increase. “

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