Another career criminal in New York goes on a killing spree

A career criminal with a decades-long rap sheet has murdered people in New York City. In other words, just his week in the Big Apple.

Roland Codrington was arrested on Christmas Eve after murdering James Cunningham and slashing the man’s neck within 20 seconds of bumping into him outside a bar. came back a few days later with a baseball bat and a pitbull and attacked a female bartender because she “felt disrespected.” He then allegedly stabbed two of her customers who stepped in to help her. They both survived, but Codrington allegedly murdered Bruce Henry in the park shortly afterward.

Man brutally attacked in anti-Semitic assault in New York

Not surprisingly, Codrington has a long criminal record. This includes knife robbery and knife assault in 2006 and 2009, two assaults in 2012, criminal possession with knife in 2013, two assaults with a weapon in 2017, assault with a weapon in 2021, and upcoming “certain vehicle-related arrests.” Year. Most recently, he was released from prison in April 2021 after serving just three to his six years for gun possession.

Codrington even served an arrest warrant before being stabbed to death. Yet, in typical New York fashion, Codrington somehow managed to take to the streets and sting multiple people at will just before Christmas. Violent, unstable, unable to reform.

This is nothing new. A New York City criminal who randomly beat a man into a coma was released without bail despite being a registered sex offender on life parole in a sexual assault case. Another man, who was arrested 41 times and had a history of beating him for no reason, went out into the street and punched people in the face because he felt good.

The New York City subway shooter, who was arrested earlier this year, had a criminal record dating back to the 1990s. When Austin Simon, who is on parole for assaulting a police officer, threatens to assault and possibly kill a bodega employee, it is the bodega employee who is targeted by the city’s justice system. While defending himself, he killed the perpetrator.

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The idea of ​​New York’s “criminal justice reform” was to allow most criminals to roam the streets freely without bail. New York City, in particular, has little interest in targeting professional criminals or clearing up the streets, instead seeking criminal prosecution against law-abiding residents who acted in self-defense, while at the same time bringing criminal charges against them. are choosing to be able to support themselves.

Neither the state nor the city cares about keeping citizens safe or making sure criminals are brought to justice. The result was yet another murder that could and should have been prevented.

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