Are Tech Professionals Working More Than One Job?

Do many technical professionals work multiple jobs?

This is a question I posed to the audience on LinkedIn and was answered by 2,885 visitors. The results are as follows. It’s important to note that not all responses come from technical people, but many of the people who follow Dice on LinkedIn are either technical experts or have some sort of technical background. We are proceeding assuming that the role of

The reasons why you might have multiple jobs are enormous. Some need an extra income, others are planning to advance their career and need to gain experience in a whole new field.As technology unemployment is now flat about 1.8% (Despite the constant drumbeat of high-profile layoffs), those with the right mix of skills and experience certainly have a chance.

Many tech professionals are also interested in changing employers, no matter how many jobs they hold.According to recent information Dice Tech Sentiment Report, 52% of technical professionals are likely to change jobs in 2023, up from 44% last year. Their preference for remote work is also steadily rising, rising from 53% in 2021 to 60% in 2022 (depending on schedule and workload, fully remote work could be It also makes it easier to do multiple tasks.)

Many tech professionals also want to work fewer days per week. According to Forbes, Thirty-three companies in the United States and Ireland tested a four-day work week over a six-month period and found that many of these companies wanted to maintain a four-day work week after the trial ended. rice field. Burnout scores dropped in his two-thirds of employees during the study period, and sick and vacation time decreased by about two hours per month. “

Whatever your career choice, keep in mind that burnout is a serious thing. Depending on your manager, you can often negotiate your workload if you feel overburdened or fatigued.

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