“Are the Strip Clubs in Philly That Bad?”: James Harden’s Career Altering Reunion Decision Despite Joel Embiid Praise Stumps NBA World

The Philadelphia 76ers are on a seven-game winning streak heading into Christmas against the New York Knicks. Joel Embiid, alongside James Harden, was able to lead the 76ers to his 19-12 record in his Eastern conference. Amid the positive atmosphere at 76ers camp, reports about a potentially career-changing Harden reunion decision left the NBA world baffled.


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James Harden joined Joel Embiid in Philly during the 2022 playoffs after leaving the Brooklyn Nets. He has been named an All-Star ten times, and in July he signed a two-year, $68.6 million deal with the 76ers. However, recent reports about Harden’s future could come as shocking news for Embiid, who recently praised him for his 2018 MVP.

News about James Harden’s possible future leaves NBA fans baffled


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According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski:, “All-Star guard James Harden is seriously considering returning to the Houston Rockets in free agency this July if he decides against a new contract with the Philadelphia 76ers.” Wojnarowski reports that Harden and his entourage have been discussing a return to the Houston Rockets in recent months. However, the consideration is surprising as he left the Texas franchise after James Harden requested a trade less than two years later.

Additionally, Harden found himself in a great position alongside superstar Joel Embiid in Philadelphia. The duo has shown some great chemistry for his 76ers, leading to their recent success. So, given the extent of his championship win with Embiid, fans were a little puzzled by recent reports about Harden.

One fan joked about the whole situation, making fun of Harden’s tendency to frequent gentlemen’s clubs. “Are Philadelphia’s strip clubs really that bad?”

Another confused fan commented, “Isn’t that the Philly Gentlemen’s Club?

See other fan reactions here.

Fans seem taken aback by reports that Harden may be leaving the 76ers. But Adrian Wojnarowski’s report came out after Joel Embiid praised Harden.

Joel Embiid recognized Harden’s talent

Joel Embiid and James Harden looked completely in control during the 119-114 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. Embiid scored his 44 points and Harden had his career-high 21 assists during the game.


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Speaking with SB Nations’ Paul Hudrick, Embiid said: “He makes my life easier and I want to do the same for him. … I think we’re getting better every day.”

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The five-time All-Star felt a partnership with Harden would be good for the 76ers. Additionally, Harden achieved some impressive successes in a short time with Embiid.

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