Athletics and Beyond helps Denver metro student-athletes explore career options

DENVER — Since 2005, Athletics and Beyond, a nonprofit organization in Denver’s Montebello neighborhood, has helped student-athletes succeed on the field and in careers outside of track and field.

“When we started the organization, nobody talked to kids about being a sports lawyer, nobody talked about who was the apparel designer, who was the engineer who ran the board in the game. We didn’t even talk about it,” said Narcy Jackson, executive director of Athletics & Beyond.

According to Jackson, the nonprofit’s founder wants children in minority communities to understand that becoming an athlete is not the only option for achieving professional success. I got

“We created Athletics and Beyond for kids who hit their limits by college or in Little League,” says Jackson. Athletics and Beyond has four pillars: The movement element is the hook. The academic component is the part where a student must achieve certain his GPA grades in order to be eligible for admission to an NCAA school, specifically Division I. Then there’s career exploration. finished? Tap out and move on to the next step? “

“The fourth pillar is social-emotional and mental health support,” Jackson continued.

Initially, Jackson said, the organization was difficult to sell to parents and children who were only familiar with programs that focused solely on athletic performance.

“We’re not sexy to a lot of kids,” he said. “Our competitive market is very simple. They give you fancy uniforms and what you do is exercise It’s either 7 vs 7.

But Jackson said his student-athlete had a career plan other than becoming an athlete after a horrific Monday night football game in which Buffalo Bills safety Dumar Hamlin collapsed after playing a defensive play. He said he’s starting to show more interest in doing things.

“Our players have a lot of concerns. This forces the question, ‘What are my options?'” Jackson said. “Now they’re thinking about their health, their overall health, and what if something happens to me.”

University of Wyoming right guard and Athletics & Beyond athlete Emmanuel Pregnon said he loves soccer.

“For as long as I can remember, it relieved my stress when I was a kid,” Pregnon said. I don’t like to put my man down, but the reality is that I need to spend my time doing other things, different hobbies. “

Legacy High School tight end Omari Bersey said he hopes his athletic career will lead him to a college degree.

“I plan to study physics or sports psychology in college.” “Athletics & Beyond, this is a great opportunity. You can get it and be successful in the classroom.”

A track and field athlete at Metropolitan State University-Denver, Maya Ries is an office assistant at Athletics and Beyond, a senior, and planning a career outside of track and field.

“When I graduate, I definitely want to get a job in graphic design, designing logos and websites,” says Ries.

Jackson said he wants all athletes to know that there is more to them than just their athleticism.

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