Barbara Walters’ Most Controversial Interviews From Her 60-Year Career

  • Longtime journalist and ‘The View’ co-host Barbara Walters died Friday at the age of 93.
  • After the news of her passing broke, fans quickly circulated clips of her iconic interview.
  • Take a look at her controversial arguments with presidents, celebrities and cartoon characters.

After news broke Friday that journalist Barbara Walters had died at the age of 93, fans were quick to circulate clips of the iconic interview of her nearly 60-year career.

A longtime ABC News anchor and correspondent, she made a name for herself for her intense interviews and tenacity when following stories on presidents, politicians, celebrities and current affairs.

After making history as the first female evening newscaster in 1964, Walters became the world’s highest-paid newscaster in the years that followed, using her talents to become an influential interviewer and eventually has inspired other media personalities like Oprah.

Take a look at some of her most controversial and memorable interviews.

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