Beagle, Jackson score career-highs, but shorthanded UAlbany men’s basketball falls to Bryant

Marcus Jackson and Jonathan Beagle have had to make rapid progress this season on the injury-ridden UAlbany men’s basketball team. That maturation process continued Wednesday night against Bryant, as his two freshmen continued to improve, though they both scored career highs, but it’s great for his Danes to overcome other issues. it wasn’t enough.

The Beagle scored 21 points and Jackson scored 15, but Bryant’s duo of Antoine Walker and Charles Pryde were even better. Smithfield, Rhode Island.

“They picked up the momentum and ran with it,” Beagle said. “In terms of stopping it, I think it’s up to us. It’s something you can look at and work from there.”

UAbany, who lost Justin Neely (knee) and Naimaia Little (hip) to injury, and both Malik Edmead (fingers) and Will Amika (hip) are still on the shelf, showed more shorthands than usual on Wednesday. was. night. Sophomore winger Aaron Reddish said he had a 21-point performance in Sunday’s win over UMass Lowell, and head coach Dwayne Killings said his Reddish was “a certain everyone has to defend, It’s the standard of our program.”

“Last year I let some things slide. You can’t do that with kids,” Killings said. “There are certain program standards you have to live by. [up] To. I think Aaron is really, really talented and a really nice guy. If we keep our standards pretty high, and if he meets that, he’s got a chance to win a lot of games, a chance to be a very productive citizen, and make a lot of money playing basketball. I think we have a chance to earn.”

UAlbany (1-3 US East, 7-13 overall) used only 7 of their 8 active players.

Bryant (2-2, 11-6) exploited UAlbany’s lack of depth early and often. The Bulldogs, who entered Tuesday averaging 83.4 points per game, hit his four shots in the first (including a three-pointer trio) to take an early 11-0 lead.

The top two scorers on head coach Jared Grasso’s team, Sheriff Grosbrock and Earl Timberlake, combined for just 12 points, but that hardly matters given the breakneck pace set by Walker and Pryde. was.

Walker shot 14-of-21 from the field, 4-of-8 from 3-point range, and had a game-high 11 rebounds.

“I think that’s where Justin’s absence really, really shows,” Killings said. .”

“There are some guys in the scouts who I didn’t know could shoot so well, but they’re definitely capable,” Beagle said. “It’s our fault — definitely me. The guy I was guarding at the start of the game got a lot of 3’s off that I shouldn’t have caused.”

UAlbany kept things relatively close, trailing 44-36 in the second half thanks to impressive play from two of the Great Danes freshmen, and closing by six points early in the second.

The Beagles are 9-of-15 from the field, and the Hudson Falls native has scored in double figures for the 12th time in his last 15 games. Jackson, who scored the best score of his college career before Wednesday night, was perfect 6/6 from the field, after the Amsterdam native came in just one game out of five from long range on the season. Made both of his 3-point attempts.

“I believe my team will break the shots they give me,” Jackson said. “The coaches prepared me for what kind of shots I would be able to hit in the game.”

Sarju Patel added 12 points on a night when UAbany’s top scorer Gerald Drumgoole Jr. was limited to 6 points on 2 of 12 shots.

The Great Danes have yet to complete a winning streak this season. They traveled to Newark, New Jersey, on Saturday to turn things around on Wednesday when they faced the NJIT team, which fell 4-12 overall and 1-2 in conference play after losing 72-71 in overtime to Binghamton. I try to do it right.

“When we have a full team back,” Jackson said, “I think we’re going to be a very scary group.

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