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Carrissa Sprigg is a junior at Belpre High School, has taken graphic design classes at the Washington County Career Center, and has also taken College Credit Plus classes at Washington State Community College. (photo courtesy)

Belpre — Carissa Sprigg is a 17-year-old junior at Belpre High School and a member of the student council, number one club, Lady Eagle volleyball team, and softball team.

He has taken College Credit Plus classes at Washington State Community College, is a Technical Honor Society member of the Washington County Career Center, and participates in graphic design and video production programs.

“I like the design aspect of it.” Sprig said. “I love graphic design and stuff like that, but we do it all.”

Sprigg said he is working on a Career Center sophomore recruitment video that showcases the various programs offered and why they are a good fit for students. She is also animating her manga in her own class, she said.

“Basically, I take a comic and animate different frames of the comic.” Sprig said. “I hate my voice, so I’m afraid of it, but I have to narrate, but yeah. It was fun. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product for that.”

Carrissa Sprigg works at Frostee Shoppe in her spare time. (photo courtesy)

According to Sprigg, the process involves removing the background, redrawing, animating, and then putting everything back together.

“You have to redraw what’s behind it (the animation), detach the element, animate it and move it.” Sprig said. “It’s like a wiggle out of words, an explosion getting smaller and bigger, that sort of thing.”

Sprigg said he was happy with his choice to join the Career Center.

“I never thought about it seriously before.” Sprig said. “Before my visit, I was like, ‘I love Belpre, I love my friends, I’m safe here, there’s nothing wrong with Belpre.'” I decided to challenge myself. And I really enjoy it. This is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made honestly. That’s what I want to do in college (of graphic design). So I’m glad you found something that interests you. ”

Sprigg said he’s still not sure what he wants to major in at university, but he wants to minor in marketing.

Carissa Sprigg gets a high five from her teammate during a softball game at Belpre High School. Sprigg is ready to pitch and play outfield for the Eagles. (photo courtesy)

“I love making logos. It’s one of my favorite things to do.” Sprig said. “Logos are interesting. They need to be simple and easy to see, but we also want to capture what this company is. So I think creating a logo is an interesting concept. Because you have to capture a lot in space.”

Sprigg has been on tour at Ohio University and said he loved what he saw there. She also liked the facility when she saw her green bowling, but wasn’t sure about the program or how far the campus was from her home.

“I like being close to my family, but I also want that independence.” Sprig said. “I like to try new things. I want to go to new environments, but I think college pushes me out of my comfort zone enough. So I travel super far to do that.” I don’t know if I should.”

Sprigg said his father was a pilot in the West Virginia National Guard, his mother was a nurse, and his family was very athletic. She said her father helped coach her softball team in high school, where she was a pitcher and an outfielder.

“During softball season, that’s probably our most bonding time.” Sprig said.

Carrissa Sprigg spends the day at Summersville Lake in West Virginia with her parents Chris and Stephanie Sprigg and sister Madison Sprigg. She was tagged along by her dogs Millie and Marley. (photo courtesy)

Sprigg said he likes playing sports. That’s because he feels most productive when he has a lot to do.

“It’s winter now and I don’t play sports during the winter, so I have to find other things to keep me occupied.” she said. “If I don’t have something to get myself into, I go into a lull and do nothing. I think it’s important to me to stay busy. That’s why I like playing sports.”

Sprigg worked at Belpre’s Frostee Shoppe during the summer, but closed for the winter. She said she is looking for her marketing internship for the final semester of her high school career.

“I want to see if that’s what I actually want to be. It’s going to give me expectations in the real world, not classroom expectations.” Sprig said. “So if that’s the path I want to continue in college, I’d like to experience it. So I can see what it’s like when I actually get a job.”

Carrissa Sprigg is a member of the Pride Softball team and plays as a pitcher and outfielder. (photo courtesy)

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