Beyond The Numbers: Interview With Tuck’s Career Services Director

Here at Tuck, recently, employment data For the record-setting 2022 class Median Total CompensationMedian starting salary in class increased to $175,000 from $150,000 a year ago, median signing bonus remained stable at $30,000, and 93% of class received sign-on bonus I’m here.

Demand for Tuck MBA graduates is consistently high. For example, in her latest class, 98% received job offers within three months of graduating, and 96% accepted them within the same period.

To take a look inside beyond the numbers and learn more about how Tuck continues to set records for employment success, Tuck’s Executive Director of Career Services, how to get a consulting job When Beginner case interview.

What stands out about the industry breakdown of the 2022 class?

First, the employment mix is ​​determined by the students and what they want to do after Tuck. It’s always interesting to see what the final combination will be each year. In general, the industry is well balanced and this year is no exception.

For T’22s, there has been a surge in interest in consulting jobs, and the data is consistent with what was seen in class employment results. In general, I think consulting has always been an attractive industry, especially for his MBA right after graduation. For one, there are high starting salaries. Second, you can step into different industries while learning and absorbing as much as possible. I speak to many students who are eager to explore and build on the foundations and leadership skills they developed at Tuck. Finally, consulting firms are very busy right now. They are often the busiest during uncertain times, and we continue to hear from them that they want to actively recruit MBA talent.

In general, when we look at the industries our graduates find employment in, we see a healthy mix that reflects the interests and passions of our students.

What are the biggest takeaways from this year’s employment report?

Our team collects data on students’ target employers and industries before they even set foot on campus, and continues to map their two-year career goals and journeys at Tuck. After analyzing the data for the Class of 2022 and comparing it to the industry and companies after TUCK, we found that our graduates are very much achieving what they set out to do. This theory is also validated by a large number of accepted offers.

What about Tuck’s approach to helping students get the jobs they want most?

Our Career Services team is arguably the most resource-rich of our peers. Our career advisors have experience in the industry our students are looking to enter, and many of us have already gone through that process as Tuck graduates. You can meet at 1 and get to know each other personally. We know what they want, what they don’t want, where they come from and how best to tell their story. I know it from afar, so instead of giving feedback from a distance, I give candid feedback.

At the heart of Tuck is a full-time, two-year MBA program. What this means for career services is that if you knock on my door, I’m not meeting an undergraduate or executive MBA student. Our focus is you.

What types of resources does Career Services offer?

Working with students begins before they even set foot on campus. These early conversations focus on career exploration and what they hope to gain from their Tuck experience. We love talking about a student’s skills and passions and mapping them to her MBA job. Once you know what you want, all that remains is to help you achieve it. That means you can have your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter in bling bling. It means preparing for the interview and preparing the story you are going to tell. This is my personal favorite. It means exploring networking options and how to approach networking in a fun, stress-free way. Finally, once the interview is over and you get a job offer, negotiate to ensure you receive the best offer possible. Indeed, our work is from start to finish, even beyond Hannover.

In addition to carrier services, countless other resources Tuck has a renowned loyal alumni network, our centerand even faculties.

Generally, students come to Tuck with a wide range of target industries and purposes. At Tuck, we get to know our students personally and help chart a path to the career they want.

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Stephen Pidgeon T’07, Executive Director of Tuck Career Services, joined Tuck in 2010 from McKinsey, London. His focus was on healthcare consulting with functional experts in organizational design.he is the author of a bestselling book how to get a consulting job When Beginner case interviewPrior to joining Tuck, he directed and produced multiple television series and films.

Amy Mitson Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business I have been with Tuck since 2000. Amy serves on the admissions committee and leads initiatives focused on recruitment and diversity. Her student service and admissions experience has helped her get to know Tuck’s operations, history, vibrant campus, and alumni community.Amy’s favorite aspect of Tuck is the people. Working with current and future members of the Tuck community is a constant source of motivation and inspiration.

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