BizTown teaches kids about finances, career development

Inflation has come down slightly, but moving to stores is still costly. Local organizations are working to make a difference for some of the youngest members of our community.

Junior Achievements of Arizona teaches kids about finance and career development. Through an experiential program called BizTown, elementary school students can become CEOs or employees of banks, offices and stores.

About 25,000 students come to Biztown each year to take lessons that they use outside the classroom.

BizTown Mayor Addley Felix, a fifth-year student at the American Leadership Academy in Queen Creek, spoke with ABC15 about the importance of saving money.

“If you save now, you can have it for the future,” she said.

Ann Landers of Junior Achievement in Arizona says simulation can prepare students for any economy.

“They are making choices and starting to define their thoughts today as fifth graders about what that future looks like,” Landers said. I hope you are in a good position to survive. ”

If you would like your school to spend the day at BizTown, or would like to learn more about the programs offered, please click here.

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