Black Adam Just Got the Coolest Quote of His Entire Hero Career

Black Adam has just been given one of the biggest badass lines in DC’s Dark Crisis, and it shows just how far he’s come in his own journey.

WARNING: Infinite Earths #7 Dark Crisis Spoilers!black adam Despite a resurgence in popularity over the last few years, the antihero-turned-villain finally got a chance to show his true mettle on the page. dark crisis In one nice and badass line. Adam never becomes Superman, but the words show that he’s learning what it really means to be a hero.

Tes Adam was born in Egypt in the 26th century BC. After receiving the power of Shazam, Adam was hailed as a savior and a tyrant in the ancient world. Since that time, the immortal Black He Adam has oscillated between outright villain and lone anti-him hero in DC Comics’ contemporary continuity. He has become more of a hero in recent years, and was even part of the Justice League team that attempted to defeat Pariah at the start of the Dark Crisis crossover event. Adam then spent much of the Crisis event claiming that he should lead the Justice League and that he was the only person capable of protecting the world from the darkness of the multiverse. It proves why it’s the most hated.

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however, Dark Crisis of Infinity #7 From Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Jack Herbert, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, and Rafa Sandoval, this former supervillain ultimately learns lessons in sacrifice and teamwork when he chooses to share his powers with other heroes. Learn to and face the madness. Powerful Slade Wilson. “i would die for themHe defiantly declares while protecting the vulnerable Nightwing and Rose Wilson.

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Black Adam is a hero but not superman

This is a key moment for the usually selfish Black Adam. Over the past few years, he’s worked as a hero, but Dark still retains a lot of his self-righteous and selfish tendencies, as evidenced by the way he tried to guide the rest of the heroes through his crisis. . However, here fans are completely vulnerable, not only because they see Adam willingly sacrificing himself for Dick and Rose, but also because he shares his powers with the rest of the heroes to help defeat the Darkness. do so while

This is a turning point for Black Adam as it shows that he’s no longer a villain, but it’s clear that even though he’s a hero, it’s his own type of heroism.

Black Adam Empowers the Justice League

The quote is “i would die for them‘ indicates that he’s not yet a Superman-style hero. Clark is willing to live for others, while Adam is only willing to die for others. This is as offensive as it is heroic, and fans should expect Black to see the bright colors of his Adam’s Dawn and try to inspire people around the world like Man of Steel. not. Instead, going forward, he will likely fight even harder to save people, now for those he previously viewed as inferiors, and typically like Tess Adam. Willing to risk his life for someone selfish.It’s still a big step..

DC’s dark crisis The Event is now over, and in many ways the status quo has been restored, at least in appearance.However, for personality black adam He took a giant, bad step in his own heroic journey, and things may never be the same again.

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Dark Crisis of Infinity #7 Now on sale from DC Comics.

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