Blayze Behney aids PCHS students in finding promising career paths

Port Clinton – Clyde High School Alumni of 2007 are helping Port Clinton High School students find their individual paths to career success.

Blayze Behney is a Career Based Intervention (CBI) Specialist and Career Coach at Port Clinton High School, an educational institution that prepares students for adulthood with the tools they need to pursue promising careers. Putting him in the center of the spokes.

No day is the same as Behney helps students discover career options and recognize their strengths and preferences. Through his many programs, he helps students find the best career path for them. That includes an immediate jump into college, professional training, or the job market after high school.

“My demographic is very diverse,” says Behney. “Some of my students will be bosses and will be in high positions. Some people will get blue-collar jobs because they don’t want to go to college. I would climb the ladder a different way.”

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