Bobby Wagner shares what he appreciated most during his career with the Seahawks

The Los Angeles Rams are set to face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday to end the regular season, giving Bobby Wagner a second chance to face his former team. Although he was set to play for the first time, he shared what he was most grateful for in his Seahawks career.

“Honestly, I just think of it as love because, coming from Los Angeles, Ontario, Utah, and Seattle, it really has become my second home and where I grew up.” I grew up in California but actually at 21 I was on my own, making my own decisions and doing my own thing.I wasn’t controlled by my parents at all. It’s where I grew up and they took me in. They showed me so much love that I will be forever grateful.”

Wagner was drafted by the Seahawks in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft out of Utah at age 22. The Los Angeles native has spent 10 his seasons in Seattle, making eight Pro Bowl appearances, six All-Pro appearances, and one Super Bowl appearance.

The seasoned linebacker is a Seahawks favorite and has established himself as one of the NFL’s elite linebackers. Even though Wagner gave Seattle everything he had, the business side of the league took over as the Seahawks released him after the 2021 campaign.

Without much hesitation, Wagner signed with the Rams and showed he could play at the All-Pro level with 133 total tackles, a career-high six sacks and two interceptions. Their last match was in Week 13, when Wagner lost with 7 tackles, 2 sacks and 1 interception.

No matter how the Seahawks end, Wagner is looking forward to playing on Sunday in front of the fans who have supported him for 10 years.

The story was originally published on Rams Wire

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