Bringing career resources to underserved communities

Miurer Martinez says he beat the odds by finding a job after moving to the city from Honduras just three years ago to live with his mother, who was already living in the city. increase.

“Since I’m here, I’m pushing myself to get better every day and go every day for what I want to do,” Martinez said.

She did not provide details of immigration cases, but usually immigrants applying for asylum must do so first before they can apply for a work permit.

As a teenager, she began her apprenticeship at Meta Bronx. MetaBronx is a city-contracted non-profit organization that serves people in underrepresented communities.

What you need to know

  • MetaBronx provides apprenticeships and career guidance to students in the city.
  • They are working with some immigrants on their program
  • Organizers believe the surge in immigrants coming to the city has increased the need for such programs.
  • MetaBronx has worked with 1,500 students since 2017

“Even though they know it’s hard, they teach you what you can do easily,” Martinez said.

MetaBronx hired her as a program manager and interviewed applicants.

The nonprofit doesn’t provide enrollment figures, but organizers believe demand for such programs is increasing due to the surge in immigrants coming to the city.

MetaBronx partners with the city’s Department of Education to provide career guidance and internship resources for high school students.Anyone can join, but the program is specifically for students coming to the United States for the first time

“Our partners are schools like the International Community High School in the South Bronx. Crotona International High School is also part of our network of international schools,” said co-founder of Metabronx. Partnership Director Alejandra Molina said.

According to Molina, apprenticeships offer many things, including software engineering and business development.

“Participants in this program will have the opportunity to learn what it takes to be a technology entrepreneur and what it takes to be a marketing manager,” said Molina.

Although it has Bronx in its name, Meta Bronx employees say they support students across the city.

“I teach them how to be productive. I connect with them. I also talk about my journey and my story,” Martinez said.

The program has worked with 1,500 students since 2017.

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