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We plan to apply to several Ivy League schools in the fall of 2024. I know the competition for admission is fierce, so I will apply to many non-Ivy League schools just to be on the safe side. I expect to graduate first in my class and may be accepted into some of the top universities, but I’m not sure which school is best for me. , we understand that each school has its own strengths and weaknesses. How can I decide which school is the best fit for me?


confused junior

Dear Confused Junior,

Indeed, there is a notorious rivalry between universities. Let’s start with the one closest to home: Indiana University vs. Purdue University. Which one is right for you? It is generally believed that Purdue focused on his STEM subjects, such as engineering and computer science, while Indiana University offers medical education, business, and music education. Many students hedge their bets and apply to both because there is much more depth in both curricula, as evidenced by the labels given to these schools. A rivalry between Cal-Berkeley and Stanford. If you want to go to a prestigious university on a beautiful campus, Stanford University is the place for you. When I chose college, I was hoping Berkeley’s messy politics and diversity would keep me motivated. , which included engineering, science, and the liberal arts in an urban setting where diversity is the norm in all aspects of college life. Stanford has a similar academic standing to Berkeley, but the campus is almost distractingly beautiful. I felt that a sense of tension due to the diversity of ideas was necessary. You need to think about a place where you can feel comfortable not only academically but also culturally.

Berkeley and Stanford both boast excellent academic credentials, as evidenced by Apple, Facebook, and Google hiring many of their graduates at their nearby Silicon Valley headquarters. On the opposite coast is perhaps the oldest college rivalry. Harvard vs Yale. I was honored to attend Harvard Law School. That rivalry isn’t just limited to those who academically could rank him first or second in US News and World Report. Each school has its own identity, although it is not possible to distinguish between them based on the number of valedictorians enrolled. Harvard has a clear endowment advantage of her $53 billion against Yale’s $42 billion. Harvard runs Wall Street and Washington, which some believe is the pipeline to prosperity through the Old Boy/Girl network. Some believe that Yale University is the place to study to become a professor or future judge. Differences between schools do not stop there. Harvard is considered a hotbed of competition compared to the more tranquil environment of Yale. Harvard is said to be more politically radical than Yale, but in my opinion the gap is closing.

One student turned down Harvard because he was disappointed to find a demonstration in progress while touring the campus. Yale’s medieval campus setting created the serenity he sought. Yale University is also known as a superpower that produces presidents. That doesn’t mean the competition is all about fighting for power and money. I applied to be a teacher in the Teach for America program. You didn’t say what your career aspirations are. We also encourage you to visit the campus and familiarize yourself with the environment, if possible.

Gerald Bradshaw is an international college admissions consultant. Bradshaw College Consulting at crown point.

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