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Contributing Partnerships — Lindsay Dowdle, Marketing Manager, WVU Medicine Harrison Community Hospital, and Luke Nelson, Principal, Harrison Career Center, discuss the Staying Clean Club collaboration.

CADIZ — WVU Medicine Harrison Community Hospital has partnered with the Harrison Career Center to provide the Staying Clean Club with free random drug screening.

The Staying Clean Club is a student organization that raises awareness and rewards students to stay away from drugs. These reward incentives include free lunches, t-shirts, and end-of-school excursions. Staying Clean Club members also benefit from sharing common motivations and a sense of belonging to a group where they can enjoy fellowship.

“To become a member of the club, students sign up and are randomly tested for drugs several times during the school year.” Luke Nelson, Principal, Harrison Career Center, said: “WVU Medicine Harrison Community Hospital sponsored and provided testing kits and personnel to administer appropriate drug screenings to our students.”

“Harrison Community Hospital is happy to support the Staying Clean Club initiative.” President and CEO David Phillips said: “This organization provides students with the opportunity to participate in an educational and rewarding organization.”

Nelson said the Harrison Career Center is proud and grateful for the partnership it has formed with the hospital to promote and support the Staying Clean Club initiative.

“Everyone I worked with at the hospital was extremely generous and shared our goal and vision of keeping our students safe.” He said. “Partnering with local businesses to drive positive change in our community is encouraging and rewarding.”

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