Career Day speakers return to Shasta School

A year ago, Sofia Panameno was in eighth grade at Shasta Elementary School.

Career Days, held at the Manteca Unified Campus since 2000, were not available to her at the time.

Founded by Shasta’s longtime teacher Stacey Wescott and her former colleague Jackie Kron, the event features local presenters from a wide variety of professions and disciplines and has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. , had been on hold for the past four years.

Panameno is currently a freshman, but participating in MUSD’s culinary program known as BE.Cuisine has allowed him to navigate the field of possibilities to his liking.

“It’s good to be back here,” said Panameno, who joined the program through Independent Study.

She joined classmates Ambiance Simpson and Victoria Wools as they returned for Career Day at Shasta School on Friday.

This marked the 19th year of an event in which some students were dressed in their best attire to succeed.

Chef Julia Williams said her BE.Cuisine students are involved in catering various fundraising events, getting internships, or enrolling in top culinary schools.

Wescott indicated that next year programs such as BE.Cuisine will be readily available to all eighth graders at MUSD.

Career Day 2023 kicked off with retired MUSD teacher Susan Morrisette speaking to students gathered at the multipurpose facility.

From there, they circled the various classrooms, interviewing everyone from the school nurse (Nurse Gina) to business owner Miguel Gutierrez.

Manteca Police Department (Police Officers Mike Kelly and Carlos Gutierrez), Manteca Fire Department (Captain Derek Long, Builder Brian Macias, Firefighter Jesse Yamada), Weeks Real Estate (Ninon Lapin Dalman) , attended by a representative of social worker April Jimenez. It is also on the list of his speakers for upcoming Career Days.

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