Career fairs offer chance to stand out

Career fairs offer opportunities to stand out<br />

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UNG students will have the opportunity to speak with potential employers at this spring’s Career Fair.

University of North Georgia (UNG) career fair It will return this spring and is open to all students and alumni.Held every semester at both the Dahlonega and Gainesville campuses carrier servicethese fairs are intended to include employers hiring from a wide range of majors.

“Career fairs are a great way to learn about local, and sometimes national, employers. looking for. “ Lisa A. WalkerAssistant Director of Career Services said: “I often hear students who attend their first career fair say they are glad they attended. They learned a lot of unexpected things.”

On February 16, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, the All-Major Career Fair will focus on students and alumni interested in full-time career entry-level positions and internship opportunities. It will be held at the Conference Center on UNG’s Dahlonega Campus.

All major fairs will be held on March 7th from 11am to 1pm in the Robinson Ballroom at the Student Center on the Gainesville campus.

UNG students have a reputation for being smart and hardworking. This spring fair is your chance to continue that excitement.

Lisa A. Walker

Assistant Director of Career Services

The February 7 Nursing Fair will focus on current Bachelor of Science in Nursing students or graduates with a Nursing degree. It takes place from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the Health Science Lounge area on the Gainesville campus.

Another college-specific fair will focus on teacher recruitment and will be held on February 13th from 4-6pm at the Cleveland Ballroom in the Nesbitt Building on the Gainesville Campus.

Attendees can expect to find employers actively recruiting recent graduates for entry-level positions, as well as potential internship opportunities for current students.

Amy Boone, a UNG Sociology graduate, shared how she has benefited from Career Services.

“With the help of Dr. Edward Lai (Associate Director of Career Services), I received an amazing offer that exceeded my starting salary for my dream job. He and I stayed in touch throughout the process. Career Services is definitely dedicated to our graduates: achieving their career goals,” said Boone.

UNG Career Services encourages all prospective attendees to the Career Fair to bring an extra copy of their resume and wear a suit and tie or a nice dress.

“Employers are always excited to attend UNG Career Fairs because they know they will find the best candidates for their company,” says Walker. “UNG students have a reputation for being smart and hardworking, and these spring fairs are our chance to keep their excitement going.”

Career introduction event for 7th graders

Career introduction event for 7th graders

At the third annual Career Paths Fair, approximately 260 seventh graders were exposed to more than 40 companies in the area at an event held March 17 at UNG’s Gainesville campus.

Career fairs offer a chance to impress

Career fairs offer a chance to impress

This spring, UNG will host Career Fairs on February 22nd and March 9th to provide opportunities for students to connect with employers.

Career services that support student employment

Career services that support student employment

Students looking to secure part-time or full-time jobs and internships can improve their resume and interviewing skills through UNG’s careers services. This preparation will help students succeed at upcoming job fairs and career fairs.

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