Career readiness programs often lack sufficient funding

For career preparation programs that prepare students for their next move, this requires substantial support from employers, especially financially and in terms of having an open position. With limited resources available, career readiness programs not only train marginalized students for future careers, but also help overcome systemic inequalities that hinder their progress. I’m trying

Eric Edquist, senior vice president of employment and community support services for Ada S. McKinley, a social services nonprofit that serves people in Chicago, Wisconsin, and Indiana, said the organization will use more money. and can support numerous services such as tutoring, counseling, and more. , employment training, and headstart programs. It is also useful when working with employers looking to hire people with disabilities to support their organization’s efforts to prepare employees before they start work.

“Once[the employer]allows us to do that, they are patient and definitely start to see the added value of the person. The future results are great,” says Edquist.

Registered nurse and founder of New Nurse University, a tutoring service, Lenny Dyson recently received a grant from Next Street, a New York-based business consulting firm, to help run her company. You can hire two more people to help you. The new College of Nursing offers instruction and tutoring to nursing students seeking assistance in passing the National Council Licensure Examination.

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