Caris LeVert Reaches Career Milestone Against The Grizzlies

Caris Levert As, had to step into the Cavaliers’ starting lineup on Wednesday night. Donovan Mitchell Withdrew due to left groin injury. Getting started is nothing new for his LeVert.

He’s been in that position for most of his career, and has been on the floor for the opening tip-off 21 times this season. This is the spot where Charis was shining.

LeVert started a hot and fiery first half off the field, scoring 19 points. In addition to those 19 points he knocked down his 3 in his 4 which helped him reach an impressive career milestone.

On his second 3-point shot of the night, Kallis made the 500th 3-point shot of his career.

LeVert has played for three teams in his seven-year career. He scored more than half of his three points in his five years with the Brooklyn Nets. During his short stint with the Pacers, Levert made his 123 three-pointers.

Finally, let’s talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeVert has only been in the city for about a calendar year after being traded towards last season’s deadline. During that time, he hit his 84 threes.

LeVert may not be known as a three-point shooter. Rather, it’s a guard who can make his own shot on the drive to the hoop. But he’s had a solid season shooting 36% of his three shots from behind the arc. This gave him a career-best result in the 2019-20 season.

For LeVert to continue to make a big impact, he needs to keep killing these threes at an efficient rate.


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