Cate Blanchett’s husband said her career wouldn’t last | Entertainment

Cate Blanchett’s husband has warned her career will only last five years.

She, who has four children with spouse Andrew Upton, said she “enjoyed her moments in the spotlight” when she first rose to fame because it’s very difficult for a woman to last long in this industry. ‘, he admitted that he had been advised by the director.

Looking back at how things went for the woman, she said OK! Magazine: “Well, the landscape has certainly changed.

“You see, in the early days when I got into the film business, long ago, I remember my husband saying to me in an incredibly supportive way, ‘You’re lucky.’ was also true.

“I think there are a lot of pioneering actors who have pushed the boundaries and changed that landscape, not just women.”

The 53-year-old star has admitted that he’s in a privileged position in two particular environments, but he doesn’t feel particularly powerful.

When asked if she felt empowered, she said: I am a financially secure, primary, secondary and tertiary educated, non-abuse relationship, working and healthy white female.

“Yes, at that level I am incredibly powerful.”

Kate, meanwhile, recently denounced the “patriarchal pyramid” and believes that “televised horse racing” at award ceremonies should end and celebrate women’s “great work” everywhere.

She said: “I wish we could just change this whole f******** structure.

“Can’t we just say there were a lot of performances of women collaborating and interacting with each other?”

“And stop all televised horse racing.

“Because all the women who have TV, movies, ads, tampon commercials, etc., do a great job that inspires me constantly.”

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