CCSD’s Southwest Career and Technical Academy empowers students interested in tech industry

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The tech industry, including the automotive and computer coding sectors, continues to be male-dominated.

Clark County high schools are leading efforts to change this by empowering young students to realize their potential.

Aubrey Knowlton is one of dozens of middle school students who will visit the Southwest Career and Technical Academy on Tuesday to experience first-hand automotive, coding, and graphic design workshops. “Really fun so far. This is really fun,” said Aubrey Knowlton, age 7th A classmate of the program said.

The goal is to present a variety of possible career paths during high school.

“You can’t wish to be something that doesn’t exist. So if we don’t show you something, how do we know you wanted to be it?

Students spent the day learning how to code, design video game characters, and even change car tires.

“A lot of girls are discouraged from liking cars because of societal norms. You can also do it.

The students have shown great interest in the cars and programming they learned and the school says it will continue the program in the future.

If any of the middle school students are interested in any of these areas, they can apply to study that particular area at Southwest Career and Technical Academy once they reach their freshman year.

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