Century Career Center Co-op Student: Kyra Leffert | News

Student name: Keira Leffert

Parent’s Name: Holly and Troy Leffert

Trade name: wood bridge

position: environmental services/laundry

Career goals: Learn interior design and interior architecture

Century Career Center Class: Work-Based Learning – Collaborative Education

Century Career Center Lecturer: Cynthia Fry

Supervisor Name: Donna Foster

Supervisor Title: Director of Environmental Services

student opinion

what is your job “My duties at Woodbridge include sorting laundry, starting the washer and dryer, and folding and drying laundry. It includes transporting the cart to the resident’s room.”

How has this collaboration helped you? “This cooperative position will help us increase our future opportunities and make new connections with our colleagues and residents.”

what did you learn “I learned better time management and social skills. I also spend more time with my residents.”

How does this job prepare you for your future? “This job has helped me improve my communication and teamwork skills.”

Has it influenced your career decisions? “It hasn’t affected my career decisions. I enjoy working part-time, but I wouldn’t want to work full-time.”

What do you like about this job? “I love bonding with my co-workers, bosses, and residents. It’s always fun when I’m at work.”

Supervisor input

What is the position of this student? “Kira works in the laundry.”

What responsibilities does this student have? “She does the laundry and takes it to the resident’s room.”

How does this job prepare for this student’s future? “Kira has to be on time. She has to finish everything before she gets home.”

What do you think about this program? “That sounds good. Students are a big help. I’ll do it again.”

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