Chiefs News 1/24: Patrick Mahomes faces biggest challenge of his career

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3) Patrick Mahomes faces the biggest challenges of his career: It wasn’t long ago that Mahomes stood taller than other young quarterbacks in the league. Now he’s more competitive than his peers, and none more formidable than Barrow. Mahomes has faced the Bengals three times in the past two years and lost all of them. The first loss of Week 17 of the 2021 season seemed puzzling. His second victory in his AFC title fight last season was a humiliating one. His third defeat in Week 13 of the season was a surprise. or Ross told the world that not only was Cincinnati on par with Kansas City, but that the Bengals were actually better.

A fourth straight loss only further strengthens the narrative that Mahomes’ kryptonite lives in Southern Ohio wearing an orange-and-black jersey. The game is even more daunting as he is treating the ankle sprain he sustained in the round win over Jacksonville. Mahomes played valiantly in the second half of that win, but he limped noticeably at times. Just as he tried to sell the idea that he’d be near 100% when this AFC Championship game started, the reality is that a high ankle sprain usually hits someone. It doesn’t heal very quickly. The Bengals have cheated on Mahomes quite a bit lately. They’ll try it again while he’s more likely to be out of mobility than ever in the game against Cincinnati.

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Bengals save conference-winning weekend

Overreaction or reality: real

Let’s be honest. The NFL was salivating at the prospect of the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills having a neutral site championship game. A Mercedes-Benz in Atlanta filled with Chiefs and Bills fans His 50,000 tickets sold for his stadium is a future neutral site conference championship game that would have come if the Bills beat the Bengals could have set the stage for

Thanks to Cincinnati’s defeat of Buffalo at Orchard Park, the NFL never got the beta test it wanted. If the NFL entered a conference championship game on a neutral site, the league wouldn’t have visual evidence of the actual game to make it happen.

Thank you Bengals for making it happen. The world will never know what the neutral site championship game will look like.

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Kansas City were already one of the worst teams in the league at third-and-short. Mahomes won’t be used in sneaks, but the Chiefs literally started this game with his options for speed between him and Pacheco. Mahomes’ previous postseason injury — the concussion he suffered against the Browns in the 2020 playoffs — also had options for third and his first speed. If Mahomes isn’t mobile enough to launch or play his actions, defenders can easily figure out what this attack is doing.

Kansas City, meanwhile, has the league’s best offense in managing third-and-long, converting an impressive 47.6 percent of its time on the 8-12 yard range this season. His league average this season is 27.6%, and in the last 15 years he has had only three offenses a better percentage. Mahomes’ ability to scramble and extend plays was key to its success. He averaged a league-best 3.7 seconds before passing in these situations. If he can’t do that, the Chiefs could compromise on both third and short. When Third and long.

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Andy Reed loses timeout on unnecessary challenge

2nd and 7th from their own 23rd and with 7:48 remaining in the third quarter, Chiefs running back Isaiah Pacheco caught a swinging pass from Mahomes toward the left sideline, gained 6 yards, and pulled the line. First down marked just before. Instead of facing 3 inches and 1 inch, Reed decided that in 2 plays he would get a first down quickly instead of getting just under a yard.

With calls on the field not reaching a first down, Reed needed incontrovertible video evidence to win the challenge, but that didn’t happen. Executed a direct snap to Gray and opted to pick up the first down that was packed by the Jaguar defensive line. That sequence showed some poor coaching decisions regarding the use of play calls and time-outs, but it didn’t hurt the chief of the week, but that type of sequence wasn’t a bad idea on a team that ended the season. Could come back to burn them against some Bengals…a year ago in the AFC Championship.

4 Lessons We Can Learn From The NFL Final 4 Teams Ringer

The Chiefs have taught us…you don’t have to throw downfield to be explosive.

The temptation to drive the ball into the hill at every opportunity probably had something to do with the problem Mahomes faced last season. At times, Mahomes seemed uncomfortable or wholly uninterested in receiving what the defense gave him. or forced it to be a patient pocket passer hoping to keep it in check and keep attacking on schedule. Mahomes got a little too aggressive. Andy Reed seems to have forgotten that a run he is allowed to call a play. The Bengals’ opportunistic defense capitalized on those mistakes.

With a new version of the QB coming in 2022, that loss must have stuck with Mahomes all offseason.Pockets?—but now he rarely makes mistakes on downs in the meantime. Mahomes isn’t just doing more checkdowns. He generally throws his passes more short. He began to handle and remove the ball faster, replacing many of his downfield heaves to Hill with more to Travis Kelce, Juju Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdez Scantling and Kadarius Tony. We’ve replaced it with sensible passes. And none of that has touched Mahomes’ stat line in the slightest. He’s just finding its production in other areas of the field.

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3: Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have one of the best offenses in the postseason, but their quarterback has an ankle injury. Mahomes injured his ankle late in the first quarter against Jacksonville and missed the second quarter before playing the entire second half. He underperformed in the third quarter, but played well given his limitations in the fourth quarter. He’s slated to play against the Bengals, how’s his health?

Will the Chiefs’ offense be able to solve the Bengals’ defense? Will the Bengals cast a spell on a strong group and shut them down with varying coverage and quality pass rushing?

The Chiefs’ defense has been performing well lately as younger secondary players are starting to show their skills as they gain experience. However, I’m worried about the Bengals game, which can’t put pressure on 4 pass rushers. Sitting in the zone and not allowing big plays can work for a while, but unless you force negative plays Burrow will only take easy yards to keep the offense moving.

Besides, the Chiefs’ special teams aren’t special. It’s 32nd for some reason. They’ve given Jacksonville Shortfield many times, but it’s a brutal formula against the Bengals.

Finally, the Bengals have Chiefs numbers. Kansas City cannot rank ahead of Cincinnati until the Chiefs beat this iteration of the Bengals.

around the NFL

Bills QB Josh Allen doesn’t think he’ll need surgery on his right elbow, just “rest and recover.”

Allen said on Monday that his illness-related discomfort had followed a similar progression, explaining that until a few weeks ago he might have been “mechanically trying to throw it in a slightly different way.” Thing is, it doesn’t look like he’ll need to have surgery in the offseason to address this issue.

“I don’t think surgery is necessary at this point. Obviously, rest and recovery would be really good for it,” Allen said via the team’s official website.

Source: Cowboys RB Tony Pollard breaks leg, needs surgery | ESPN

Pollard suffered an injury with 1:24 remaining in the first half of the Cowboys’ 19–12 divisional round loss to the San Francisco 49ers, and was wound up after an eight-yard catch. Pollard needed help on the sidelines and Levi had an air cast on his left leg when he was carted to his X-ray room inside the stadium. He was subsequently removed from the game.

“It hurt,” Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said. In the huddle, the way he moves everyone in. He’s a special teammate, a special player, and obviously he hurt. I’m sure he would have been a big part of some of those if he hadn’t been injured.

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Chiefs-Bengals AFC Championship: Whatever happens, Kansas City’s 2022 season will be a success

sure… still at least One game to go — but 2022 was more than a postseason win for the Chiefs. So many after the team traded wide receiver Tyreek Hill, brought cornerback Charvarius Ward and safety Tyran Mathews to free agency, and watched the AFC arms race from the sidelines. Think back to last March, when the Fed ruled out Kansas City.

The Chiefs stood their ground with Hill and traded him for a bag full of draft picks. This required converting a portion of quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ 2022 roster bonus into a signing bonus to create cap room. Instead, they made a few small moves in free agency before concentrating on the draft.

Still, the team remained the best team in the NFL.

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