Chris Lindstrom’s first career holding penalty wasn’t even a penalty

If you look at the quotes and replies to Rothstein’s tweet, you’ll see that penalties aren’t penalties at all. I couldn’t find a video of the play, but trust me when I say it was the furthest thing from the hold.

If you’ve seen “The Blind Side,” the story of Michael Oher, it’s the moment early in his high school career when he took his opponents all the way down the field and threw them over the fence. You may remember That’s what Chris Lindstrom did—complete dominance.

Lindstrom quickly replaced Jake Matthews as the team’s best offensive lineman and rival Grady Jarrett as the team’s best player in the trenches. I wrote about being active at the level. All he has done is continue his trend. He is rated as the best guard in the league by many outlets, especially his focus on professional football. This season should end with All-Pro honors.

The Falcons are likely to consider extending Lindstrom after pre-offseason acquisition of a fifth-year option that will pay out $13.2 million in 2023. His four-year, $74 million extension with the Packers and Elgton Jenkins can be expected as a barometer for Lindstrom’s future contract extensions.

Lindstrom probably isn’t quite up to that mark, but he’s sure to land a similar-length contract worth about $15 million per season.・I think Smith feels the same way.

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