Chris Pratt Kicked Off His Career By Making The ‘Worst Movie’ He’d Ever Seen

In a 2017 interview with Vanity Fair, Chris Pratt talks about how he landed his first gig. Pratt was an athlete in high school, but he was an active member of the community. He dropped out of college and took odd jobs, sometimes even working as a stripper. He eventually landed in Hawaii, sleeping in a van and working as a waiter, as explained in an EW biography. It was during this period of his life that Pratt had a chance encounter with Ray Dawn Chong. As Pratt told his Vanity Fair, his conversations with Chong were brief, to the point, and very inspiring. As Pratt reenacted the encounter, he said, “I’m your server.” Chong said, “I am Ray Dawn Chong.” He replied, “You are a movie star.” She commented, “You’re cute. Do you act?” And he says, “F***, yeah, I act. Put me in a movie.”

One might speculate that Pratt’s dialogue was not verbatim related. Anyway, Pratt didn’t have a phone in the van, so he gave Chung his best friend Michael’s phone number. Chung eventually called — Michael almost forgot to deliver the message — and Pratt was asked to come to Los Angeles and audition for Chung’s unknown project. Pratt turned down the opportunity, thinking he would have to buy himself a plane ticket to LA. Luckily Chung could afford it and he went out.

The read went well and Pratt got the lead. The film he auditioned for was The Cursed Part 3, a satirical horror short film that Chong was writing and directing. With a meta-narrative twist, “Cursed Part 3” is about a young aspiring horror filmmaker (Donna Mills) trying to make her own “Blair Witch”-style mockumentary.

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