Cincinnati Bengals troll Tom Brady as QB’s career seems to be ending with a thud

Tom Brady entered Sunday’s game with a career 89-0 record when his team led by 17 points or more at any point in the game.

The Cincinnati Bengals were keen to give the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback his first career loss after the Bucks extended a 17–0 lead over the defending AFC champions, but Cincinnati was out before garbage time. to 34 consecutive points. A touchdown from Tampa Bay in the 4th quarter.

“Turnovers killed you and they killed us today. told reporters.

For his part, the seven-time Super Bowl champion committed a whopping four turnovers after his team went up three scores. It’s clinging to first place in the awful NFC South this season.

Before the game, Brady made a fuss about the Bengals’ defense, calling it “pretty tough.” This was not lost even with a unit forced four turnovers despite the lack of edge rushers in the top two.

“He was pretty good, but he wasn’t good enough to win,” Bengals cornerback Eli Apple said of Tom Brady after the game.

Linebacker Jermaine Pratt expanded on that by throwing more shade in the direction of the greatest quarterback of all time.

“We got hot,” Pratt said via The Athletic’s Paul Dehner. “We’re a pretty tough defense. You know, pretty tough. I think it’s very hard to get four turnovers on four possessions.”

Those four back-to-back Brady turnovers led to 21 points from Cincinnati, turning a 17-6 deficit into a 27-17 lead. That’s pretty much all she wrote, leading to further speculation that Tom Terrific doesn’t have it anymore at age 45.

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Tom Brady’s recent struggles seem to signal the end of the line

Kareem Elghazal/The Enquirer/USA TODAY NETWORK

As he enters his 23rd NFL season, there are some questions about Brady’s future with the Buccaneers.

But based on what we’ve seen from Brady in recent weeks, one has to wonder if the NFL simply overlooked him. Like all the greats of the past, the future first ballot Hall of Famer hits the proverbial wall.

Back in Week 14 with the 49ers, Tampa Bay lost 28-0 in the first half. Brady was up against the rookie 7th round pick of Brock Purdy, who was getting his first career regular season start. He was overwhelmed as he threw his two interceptions in an ugly 35-7 loss. Then against the Bengals, he had four turnovers.

  • Tom Brady Stats (last 2 matches): 65% success rate, 565 yards, 4 TDs, 6 turnovers, 76.4 QB rating

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Tom Brady’s NFL Free Agent Market

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kim Clement – USA TODAY Sports

If Brady considered going a different direction during free agency, it’s natural to wonder if a team of potential interest would forsake Brady.

The aforementioned report mentioned three teams that could be associated with him once the market opens. In addition to the 49ers, it includes the New York Giants and the Las Vegas Raiders.

San Francisco is 10-4 on the season and is hotter than any other team in the NFL. Purdy is playing at a high level. The team boasts a Super Bowl quarterback with Jimmy Garoppolo out due to injury. Also, Trey has used up a large amount of his Lance’s draft capital for the 2021 annual event. Why would the 49ers soon try to bring in the quarterback he’s 46, even though a Cinderella ending could be created?

The Giants are nowhere near top-end Super Bowl contenders despite their current playoff position.

Meanwhile, reports that Vegas are interested in Brady make sense. He worked alongside Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels during their time together in New England. It also appeared that Brady was close to signing with the Raiders before finally choosing Tampa Bay for the 2020 season.

Either way, it sounds like Tom Brady’s potential market could be watered down once free agency opens. I was able to Maybe it’s time for GOAT to simply announce his decision to retire at the end of the season in order to receive a proper send-off.

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