Clement brothers to close Troy frame shop after 50-year career

TROY — The final exhibition at the Clement Frame Shop & Art Gallery for over 50 years has begun.

“There’s a lot of confusion about that,” said Tom Clement, who runs the store with his brother Ray. Exit. The brothers sold the building, which was located in Monument Square at the corner of Second Street and Broadway, to Vic He Christopher of Clark House His Hospitality. The company owns the buildings on either side of the Frame Shop (home to Donna’s Italian Restaurant, Little Pecks, and the Lucas Confectionery wine bar), and all three are connected by a courtyard. Christopher purchased the Clements building earlier this year, and the deal included a lease that runs through early 2024 to allow the store to slowly close operations.

“We’ve accumulated a lot of stuff that we have had to sell over the years,” Clement said. will end soon, so it could take months. Tom runs the business for the final few months after that. Ray, now 72, had hoped to retire and get married when she was 70, but the disruption caused by the pandemic affected her plans.

74-year-old Tom Clement said: “We closed, but when we reopened, we were very busy. People found a lot of things they wanted to frame during lockdown.

“The Last Show: Tom Clement & John Jernon”

Where: Clement Frame Shop & Art Gallery, Broadway 2nd Street, Troy
time: Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 5pm.
information: 518-272-6811 and
Note: The exhibition ends on December 23rd. The store will scale back its custom frame operations and sell inventory with a view to closing in mid-to-late 2023.

The brothers have worked together since their high school apprenticeships in the framing business on Second Street, a block down from what is now the Clement Shop. Their father, who owned a camera store in Albany, bought and renamed the framing business after the family in 1967, and the brothers took over ownership in the early 1990s. The store moved from its original location across from Troy Savings Bank’s music hall in 1996, and the 8-foot-tall windows that span the corner have been used by art his fans on the last Friday night of most months for 26 years. has been invited to the new show. Year.

“Troy was in the early stages of its revival when they bought the building, and since then, during all its growth, they’ve been right there, looking out over the heart of the city,” says artist John Jannon said. Clement Frame Shop & Art Gallery A total of 28 years in various ways. He was an employee and later a gallery director, and his work was part of his 1996 opening show at its current location, alongside works by Tom Clement.

Their paintings are back together for ‘The Last Picture Show’.

“It’s a great idea[Clement]came up with,” said Jernon, who runs his own art gallery in Troy and moved to Virginia earlier this year. “We were in the first one together.” said Gernon. “What better way to get out than to take us to the end?”

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