College Credits: Geneva College Grad Starts Career As Actuary

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University of Geneva Graduate Launches Actuarial Career

Andrew Taylor He graduated from the University of Illinois in May 2022 and was named a James Scholar. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences. He started his career as an actuary at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Chicago.

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Tom Taylor

Simon Parsons Graduates from Coe College

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Congratulations Simon Parsonswas one of a truly exceptional group of graduates during this past year at Cor College.

Parsons, from Geneva, holds a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Cohawks who graduated have demonstrated excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. He was a research and community service leader. She has also completed thousands of hours of internships utilizing her Coe commitment to integrating her experience into her education. They leave a coe with a resume, experience and determination to expand leadership roles into their budding professional lives.

Carson Veach ’74, chairman of the Coe board, praised the class’ ability to overcome.

“You have proven that the challenges of today are shaping but not constraining. Influencing, but not limiting. has been proven.”

Parsons was one of about 300 students who earned their degree.

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Domenique Voelsch Named to Palmer College of Chiropractic Dean’s List

Domenic Forsch Geneva, Illinois has been named to the Spring 2022 list of deans of the main campus of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

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Local Student Selected as Dean Candidate for Spring 2022 at Carthage University

More than 760 students have been named to Carthage University’s list of Deans for the Spring 2022 semester, including these students from Geneva.

  • Eliana Pagonis
  • Adam Johnson
  • Shannon Laukaitis
  • Serena Costabile
  • Talis Lapin

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Geneva Student Graduates from Illinois Wesleyan University

Illinois Wesleyan University honored more than 400 graduating candidates at its commencement ceremony on May 1, 2022. Dr. William Farrar is considered one of the nation’s leading experts in cancer care and CEO of the James Cancer Hospital and the Solove Institute. He delivered the opening remarks.

Suggestions include Tom Raduzinskiof Geneva, majoring in finance.

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Geneva student named to Champlain University’s list of deans

Alyssa Farrar The University of Geneva, Illinois has been selected to the list of Champlain College Deans for the Spring 2022 Semester.

Students were awarded honors based on their academic performance. Farrar is currently enrolled in a Cyber ​​Security major.

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Local student graduates from Missouri State University

Missouri State University awarded 2,878 degrees to students in Spring 2022.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Great Southern Bank Arena on May 20, 2022. The following local students have completed their degrees.

  • Sean Baumgartner Graduated from the University of Geneva (60134) with a BSc in Criminology.
  • Joshua Rose Graduated from the University of Geneva (60134) with a BA in Science, Risk Management and Insurance.

Students who graduate with honors have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 and have completed at least 30 credit hours.

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Geneva’s Emerson College Student Earns Nod On Dean’s List

The following students have been nominated to the Emerson College Dean’s List for the Spring 2022 Semester. The requirement to make the dean’s list is that her grade point average for that semester is above her 3.7.

  • Mary Cassell Geneva, Illinois (60134) majors in Media Arts Production and is a member of the 2023 class.
  • Julia Rain Geneva, Illinois (60134) majors in Media Art Production and is a member of the 2024 class.

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Geneva student graduates from Wheaton College

Wheaton College congratulates its May 2022 graduates.

The following graduates from Geneva have graduated:

  • Zurisadai Rodriguezfrom Geneva, Illinois, graduated with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Political Science
  • Emma Crucielfrom Geneva, Illinois Graduated with a BA in English Writing and Communication – Interpersonal Relations

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