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Jefferson College received a $275,900 grant from the Missouri Board of Nursing. We will use some of it to create jobs to ease the transition from high school to college for those seeking nursing jobs.

The university also plans to use a portion of the grant to renovate nursing program facilities.

Jefferson University received one of the grants to develop solutions to benefit nursing education programs, advance nursing as a career, and alleviate a nationwide nursing shortage, according to the Missouri Governor’s Office. It is one of 11 state universities in the United States.

The grant was announced earlier this fall.

Amy McDaniel, Director of Nursing Programs at Jefferson College, said: “Jefferson County is considered an underserved area for health care in general.”

She said the college will create a nursing program pathway for high school students considering admission to the Jefferson University Bilevel Nursing Program.

McDaniel said the point of the positions Jefferson College creates is to tailor the courses high school students must complete in order to be admitted to Jefferson College’s nursing program.

“The grant will be used, first and foremost, to support the curriculum necessary for high school students to enter the ATS[Area Technical School]program and to hire people to pave the way for the nursing program,” he said. She said . increase.”

She said the university is in the process of looking for a consultant for its nursing program and hopes to fill the position in January.

McDaniel said the university will use the grant to renovate the facility and create a nursing school “hub” for nursing programs offered on the Hillsboro campus.

“This is about improving the infrastructure of the physical location, the campus, and integrating the high school medical services program into the nursing program,” McDaniel said. “We will renovate the building so that not only our faculty members but also high school students can easily use the facility.

“I think the renovation is looking towards the summer of 2023.”

About 115 students are currently enrolled in Jefferson College’s nursing program, McDaniel said.

“If the program expands through grant funding, we aim to add about 30 more students,” she said.

Alisyn Beffa, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer at Mercy Hospital Jefferson in Crystal City, said hospital officials were happy to hear about the university’s grants because the hospital has worked with universities to advance nursing careers. Said he was.

“In late 2019, we began working with Jefferson University on how we can create a pathway for those who want to pursue a career in nursing,” Befa said. , we knew this program had to be representative of our community, and our passion was to develop something that would last us and beyond the pandemic. , you can join us in our vision of increasing the number of classroom seats and experiences for the workforce of the future.This program allows members of our community to obtain quality experiences at an affordable price. open the door to earning a degree in nursing.”

Befa cited statistics showing that in 2021, Missouri “has reached 12% nurse vacancies on staff.”

McDaniel said the university’s Pathway in Nursing program is in development.

“We are excited to launch and run a program that provides quality education to our students at community college prices,” said McDaniel. “We would like to take a position that was hired in January.

“We look forward to implementing this program in preparation for the start of school in the fall of 2023.”

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