Column: What is going to happen with Justin Fields’ career?

Week after week, Justin Fields continues to show why he’s a great quarterback in this league. Whether it’s his amazing 60-yard run or his dodging tackle after tackle, he reminds us of his talent. But how long can he perform at this level with the team he’s surrounded by?

Being drafted by the Chicago Bears was certainly unfortunate for Fields. He finished an astonishing two of his seasons at Ohio State, but also scored three of his quarterbacks ahead of him. Trevor Lawrence was clearly the top choice based on what we saw in college.Zack Wilson. As a Jets fan, I would pick Fields over Wilson 10 times out of 10. We haven’t seen Trey Lance yet, but Fields has proven his talent.

Unfortunately, Fields dropped to 11th place in Chicago. After a rough rookie season under Matt Nagy, many thought this would be Fields’ breakout year. His new GM, new head his coach, new receivers, and the addition of some offensive lines sounded like a recipe for success.

However, this season is not quite like that.

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Fields is the third-most-sacked QB in the league and has been knocked out 40 times. He threw 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Receiver Darnell Mooney will miss the season, while Chase Claypool and Enkir Harry were out on Sunday.Right guard Tevin Jenkins was also injured during the game. Therefore, some of Fields’ primary targets and his protection are unavailable.

Therefore, a lot of the load falls on his shoulders. To give this team a chance to win, he has to take it upon himself. That means he has to run — a lot. He became his third quarterback on Sunday to run for 1,000 yards in a single season. So he moves a lot and gets hit a lot. What does that mean for his long-term endurance?

If he continues at his current pace, I fear he won’t be able to play in this league for long with the few defenses he has. If Fields continues to take hits like he’s not stable, he might be at that pace.

Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears

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However, let’s say the Bears improve over the next two years and get some help on offense. Chicago will want to extend him for five seasons, too. So after three years, Fields has the option of going elsewhere.

Clearly, it’s too early to predict what will happen after this season. But I’m saying that his team could ruin him as a result of the lack of help he has, and if he continues to charge and keep hitting, his body will be destroyed. It’s going to be devastated too. If Chicago didn’t screw him up, he could get out and go to a better team.

Fields is one of the best Ohio quarterbacks who could have made it in the NFL decades later. Let’s hope he doesn’t fail due to factors beyond his control.

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