Consider Downshifting Your Career Instead Of Quiet Quitting

There comes a time in your career when you need to downshift or change. Downshifting is as true for your career as it is for deliberately shifting gears to lower speeds and intensities when driving a car. That’s when you acknowledge that you need to work less hours and lessen the amount of pressure you’re dealing with. If you don’t take paid time off, disconnect and take an extended vacation or switch to another type of role, you’ll feel burnt out.

The contrast between downshifting and quiet exit is intentional. Quiet smokers hide the fact that they are cyberloafing, while downshifters are open and honest about their point of view. Get hands-on with your boss, HR, peers, mentors, career coaches, and recruiters to determine what to do next.

You lost your mojo but you gotta keep going

You found yourself mentally checking out, but you need to keep working. You are not quietly quitting. You are just tired and exhausted. The challenge is that you are not in a financial situation to throw in the towel. Your kids are approaching college age, the roof needs fixing and one of his cars keeps breaking down. Expenses keep increasing. With inflation and rising costs, we worry about how we will be able to afford the lifestyle we are used to. There are concerns about whether retirement should be delayed until his late 60s or early 70s.

how to downshift

Understandably, you are overwhelmed. Take time to process what happened at work. Start thinking about what you want to do next. Talk to your boss about how you feel and let them know that you’re not intentionally neglecting or neglecting your responsibilities.

Whether you have another new assignment you can work on, whether you can jobcraft a passionate project, or lateral in-house transfers, company-paid online learning courses, and mental health professionals to discuss things. Check to see if you have access options. Find out if you can use the PTO and all vacation hours for decompression. Ask if you can work remotely, work fewer hours per day, work four days a week, or do other work arrangements that relieve pressure and stress and provide time to heal.

If the company and its representatives are not sympathetic to your plight, start looking for another job, consider a career pivot, or reinvent yourself in a new profession. there is. Contact your recruiter to see if your skills are transferable to other types of roles. Make a list of companies you want to work for and see if you know anyone who can introduce or recommend them for you. Consider doing something entrepreneurial, learning a new profession, going back to school and gaining the skills you need to embark on a new career.

Downshifting is different than Quiet Exit

TikTok and other social media platforms have spawned a flurry of content, with variations on the theme such as ‘quietly quit’ and ‘pay your wages’. The underlying ethos of these trends is to do enough work to get it done without being chastised or fired by your boss. .

Managers know what you’re going for, but refrain from firing quiet retirees because employees are hard to find, hire, onboard, and retain. There is also the constant threat of being accused of unfair dismissal. you may continue to work. However, they have not learned or grown. It’s time to bid, hoping that something will magically change.

Career Arc of Excitement to Burnout

Most people feel that their career should be linear. You’re looking to get out of college, start your first job at a top company in the industry you studied, and then work your way up the corporate ladder. The ambition is to manage a few workers, run a group and then a department. You may have ambitions to move up to a higher, executive level.

Your vision and goals may not go as planned. Recessions and black swan events such as pandemics, 9/11, financial crises hinder the career momentum of the brightest stars. Wall Street, media and cryptocurrency pundit fired in 2022 and he in 2023 white-collar recession. In the past, blue-collar workers often bore the brunt of job cuts when the economy contracted. People at big companies like Meta, Amazon, and Goldman Sachs have been laid off, and layoff announcements continue almost every week.

If you’ve been in the workplace for a few years, you’ve already realized that success isn’t easy. You may be stuck with a cranky boss, a traitorous co-worker, or a company that isn’t doing well financially. Pay raises and promotions can go unnoticed despite hard work and effort. After years of grueling two-hour commute round trips, enduring office politics, and the boredom of back-to-back meetings and video calls, it’s natural to feel declining.

I feel like I’ve hit a dead end. Perhaps you have lost the energy and passion for the work you once loved. Your spouse or friend points out that you are a little angry and aggressive. The pride and confidence you once had will be gone. You find yourself daydreaming about what would have happened if you had chosen a different college, major, career, or partner.

The new year is a great time to assess what brings meaning to your life beyond work. “Workaholism is part of American culture, but it doesn’t have to be part of life. new york times Columnist Roxanne Gay. Even if you can’t make a drastic change, like changing careers or roles, a new way of thinking can be healthy and refreshing.

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