Credit Karma Donates $75,000 to GenOne to Help With College and Career-Readiness in Under-Served Areas of Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina–(business wire) — Credit Karma, a consumer financial technology company with nearly 130 million members, works with talented first-generation college students in the underserved Charlotte community to help them succeed. We partnered with GenOne Charlotte, a local non-profit organization that helps you navigate and succeed. through college. This donation will allow GenOne to help triple her number of students over the next three years. In addition to the financial donation, Credit Karma will partner with GenOne to create career path rotation internships at the Charlotte headquarters for her GenOne students entering their sophomore year of college.

EAB research shows that 90% of low-income first-generation college students do not graduate on time. GenOne helps bridge this gap by identifying the best of her eighth graders in public schools with high poverty rates and engaging students and their families in year-round academic and cultural programs. . GenOne provides essential resources for accessing and graduating from college and tracking these students through their educational careers. To date, 75% of GenOne’s first two college cohorts attend college debt-free.

Credit Karma’s mission to champion the financial progress of its nearly 130 million members aligns with GenOne’s mission to provide students with the resources they need to set the right career path. Donations from Credit Karma are especially helpful in supporting GenOne’s College Persistence Program. This ensures college freshmen have the resources they need to graduate, including monthly mentor meetings and access to emergency funds. GenOne works with students on admissions, identifying enrichment programs, building community on campus, extracurricular activities, solving financial challenges, budgeting, and career development.

“We are excited to partner with GenOne. The work they are doing with our students in the Charlotte community is paramount,” said Ashleigh Anderson, Head of Human Resources and People at Credit Karma. “Credit Karma’s mission is to help consumers achieve financial progress, which is often dependent on an individual’s access to resources and opportunities such as attending college. In fact, a Credit Karma survey found that nearly half of Gen Z respondents were uncomfortable taking on student loan debt. We want to show a clearer path to financial progress by helping students who lack the necessary resources.”

“Currently, Charlotte Mecklenburg School has 3,000 students who are eligible for our services, but we only have the resources to support 200 of those students. We can triple the number of students we support each year, and we can fund college persistence programs.” “Approximately 33% of low-income students entering college are in a “summer melt.” not attend the first day of class, known as A donation from Credit Karma will allow us to further develop the Summer Bridge initiative to provide students with the resources they need to participate on the first day of class and support students in Year 4 and beyond. ”

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About credit karma

Founded by Ken Lin in 2007, Intuit’s (Nasdaq: INTU) Credit Karma is a consumer technology company with approximately 130 million members in the US, UK and Canada, including Nearly half of US millennials are included. Best known as the pioneer of free credit scores, its members monitor identities, apply for credit cards, buy loans (car, home, personal), auto insurance, savings accounts, and our banking partners. All checking accounts are available free of charge through MVB Bank, Inc., a member FDIC. See how the Credit Karma member is making financial progress on his TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

About GenOne Charlotte

Since 2016, GenOne Charlotte has partnered with talented first-generation students in underserved communities to help them enter and graduate from college. They identify high-achieving her eighth graders who attend public schools with high poverty rates in Charlotte and engage students and their families in a year-round academic and cultural program that lasts until high school graduation. They foster social and emotional growth through cohort experiences, life skills training, and mentoring relationships through the Navigator Program. They advise college-ready scholars on tertiary school selection, financial aid, standardized testing, application submission, and career planning. Finally, they support scholars, connect them with resources, and enable them to succeed through college graduation.

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