Desmond Ridder secures first career win as Falcons escape in final minute

Atlanta Falcons rookie and Bearcats all-time winning quarterback Desmond Ridder earned his first career win as a starter with his final victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday!

Despite giving up shortfield after committing a costly fumble in the first half, Ridder bounced back to take a thrilling win with 178 total yards and a season-high 73.1% completion percentage.

The former Cincinnati star quarterback made a ton of clutch plays during his illustrious career, and the experience paid off after the Cardinals regained the lead with less than five minutes remaining.

Ridder led to running back Cordarrell Patterson to begin the final drive, Then he found tight end MyCole Pruitt with an impressive pass. Set the game-winning field goal.

Cincinnati Bearcats: Desmond Ridder wins first career, Falcons narrowly eliminated

In Q2, Ridder spotted Pruitt a few times before Fellow rookie runs back Tyler Allgaier on first down On the way to take a 14-10 lead at halftime.

Ridder and Algaier have made a great connection in their rookie years with Drake London, the Falcons’ first round wide receiver. Allgeier and London won by 142 total yards.

Atlanta trailed 16-14 throughout the fourth quarter, with Ridder regaining the lead with a nine-minute drive. Ridder found it helpful for London to get into field goal range and eventually take a 17–16 lead.

It wasn’t a perfect performance, but the rookie quarterback continues to show potential early in his career and has a chance to pick up his second win this week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Cincinnati Football: Analyzing Desmond Ridder’s Recent Performance as a Falcons Starter

In his first start in the NFL two weeks ago, Ridder finished 135 total yards and no touchdowns, completing 13/26 of his passing attempts in a 21–18 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Ridder was under pressure for most of the night as the Falcons allowed four sacks to lose. It was hard for Ridder to find open receivers downfield Because he averaged just 3.7 yards per pass.

Atlanta’s offense continued to struggle in last week’s 17-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, but Ridder showed notable improvements in decision-making and pocket presence.

The Louisville product completed 22/33 of passes for 218 yards and 6.6 yards on one attempt, but was less successful on the ground, losing just 7 rushing yards.

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