Discover Your Next Career with SCJ Alliance, an Employee-Owned and Family-Oriented Consulting Firm

debtGetting the right job often seems more like a dream than an achievable goal. Many of us want to make a difference and feel part of a positive culture. From the beginning, the SCJ Alliance has been committed to these core values ​​and places great importance on our staff.

Jean Carr (middle of the couch) got together with SCJ’s growing cable-propelled transportation group (think gondolas!) earlier this month. The work of this team spans the globe as gondolas evolve into a popular form of urban aerial transportation. No longer just for ski resorts, SCJ is an industry leader.Photo courtesy of SCJ Alliance

As an employee-owned company, team members are involved at a deeper level and earn profitable rewards for their hard work. The SCJ Alliance currently has a variety of exciting positions in multiple locations and is actively recruiting new talent. If you have a positive outlook, a positive attitude, and a desire to be involved in something more than just he’s 9 he’s 5, apply online now and find your next career .

Industry Boom Means More Engineering Jobs

In the world of engineering, planning, landscape architecture and design, the opportunities are endless, especially with the influx of projects in recent years. Gene Carr, President and CEO, said: “It is a very exciting time to be working in this industry as it is highly competitive for engineers, planners, architects and other highly skilled positions.”

With so much growth, the potential is amazing for seasoned professionals and individuals looking for a career shift.

“We have a wide variety of jobs, and we are looking for people in a variety of roles in nearly every office across three states,” Jean says. “We always welcome experienced applicants, but we also focus on recruiting new graduates and getting them into positions.”

Lisa Paulsen headshot
Lissa Paulsen is the newest planner in SCJ’s Lacey office.Photo courtesy of SCJ Alliance

Once you apply to the SCJ Alliance, our team will reply to all applicants, regardless of the outcome, and keep interested candidates on file for future job openings that match their interests.

SCJ Alliance invests in training and education

What a person does for a living is highly personal to that person and the SCJ Alliance recognizes that investing in training can really help increase the pride and joy of our employees. I’m here. “From the beginning, we’ve worked hard to make SCJ the place people want to work every day,” says Jean. “We want people to like the people they work with. They like challenges, they like opportunities, and they see personal growth as much as career growth.” .”

One of the primary ways the SCJ Alliance creates a culture of personal development is through top-notch training. We foster growth in both work and personal life by providing educational opportunities for all employees. “We do a lot of in-house mentoring and one-on-one training for her,” Jean explains. “Our staff are very enthusiastic about sharing information with each other. One of our engineers, Jason Brune of the Lacey office, actually says, ‘Tune up’ for those who want to learn. And Tricks” hosts his weekly 15-minute meetings. ”

The SCJ Alliance has also developed in-house training opportunities through its own SCJ University offering a wide range of topics. In other cases, SCJ Alliance proudly invests in staff attending external classes and training for job-specific training and employees seeking to acquire new skills.

Join the great culture with the SCJ Alliance

SCJ's newest Corporate Services members are helping to improve the company's capabilities and infrastructure. From left: Office Coordinator Gillian Sullivan, Accounting Specialist Julia Barra, and Information Services Manager Paul Carhuff.
SCJ’s newest Corporate Services members are helping to improve the company’s capabilities and infrastructure. From left: Office Coordinator Gillian Sullivan, Accounting Specialist Julia Barra, and Information Services Manager Paul Carhuff.Photo courtesy of SCJ Alliance

Beyond satisfying careers and growth opportunities, the SCJ Alliance is truly a family of its own. Many of our staff build stronger bonds and strengthen working relationships by developing close friendships and participating in fun activities outside of work.

A large part of their work culture is about creating fun and memorable experiences and bringing staff closer together. “Whether it’s the training we’re doing or just silly things like pizza-making classes, we collectively do a great job of finding ways to have fun together,” Jean said. I say, these moments make his SCJ alliance stand out and be a fun place to be.

If you’re looking for your next career, the SCJ Alliance offers a variety of exciting and influential positions. Apply online today to find a career that brings you joy, friendship and purpose all in one place.


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