DVIDS – News – Pax River’s Banzon named U.S. Navy Command Career Counselor of the Year

Gas Turbine Systems Technician (Mechanical) 1st Class Jann Vhernal F. Banzon has been named US Navy Commander-in-Chief of the Year (CCC) for fiscal year 2022.

The announcement was made by Lt. Adm. Richard Cheesman Jr., N1, Chief of Naval Operations and Chief of Naval Personnel, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Personnel, Personnel and Training via official message traffic on Dec. 22. rice field. At the announcement was Diona K. Mills, Navy Counselor of the Year and 1st Class Navy Counselor for Recruit Training Command.

“These sailors were selected from a field of outstanding finalists representing the very best career counselors working ashore,” Cheesman said. Our personal drive and commitment to excellence in career development programs and naval culture not only demonstrates your superior performance, but also our seafarers, their families, and demonstrate your dedication to the personal and professional needs of the Navy.

The CCC serves as a critical link between seafarers, their command, and the support of naval organizations, including Naval Personnel Command. On behalf of the Commander, the CCC is responsible for administering the Commander’s Career Development Program. The CCC is assigned a highly trusted position and reports directly to the Executive Officer via the Command Master Chief, Chief of the Boat, or Senior Enriched Leader on all matters related to the management of the Command Development Program. .
Banzon reported from USS Lake Erie (CG 70) to Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River in commander’s billet. He assumed the duties of Interim Command His Career His Counselor in June 2021 and officially became Command His Career His Counselor after completing the course in March 2022. Bonus payouts and an increase in Zone A/B/C retention in command from his 71% to his 81% above Navy’s 70% paradigm.

The announcement came as a surprise to Banzon, who was preparing for the holiday period when he received the news.

“He asked me if I had received a call from XO. I thought he was just asking about a case that had happened before, so I said I could go,” Banzon said. “He said okay, I should enjoy my vacation. And congratulations on receiving the Navy-wide Commanding Career Counselor of the Year Award.”

Banzon said he felt more grateful than usual when he heard the news.
“I always feel appreciated, but this time I felt more connected to my work as a command career counselor,” Banzon said. This feeling is as warm as the “thank you” we received when we were able to help and assist members with their career-related inquiries. ”

Banzon thanked the team at Pax River.

“The stats we have today wouldn’t exist without the support we always have from the chain of command,” Banzon added. “Being a career counselor is not a job that you can do alone, and it can affect a person’s career. There is still a lot to learn about career counseling. If you have a team, there will be people in the same situation who can give you an answer.

Banzon was not interested in praising himself, but the leadership of NAS Patuxent River was quick to state how influential he was over the command.

“GSM1 Banzon has earned a reputation above his peers for his dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. NAS’ Pax River Leadership Team ranks him among the best unrated Navy-wide sailors by OPNAV. I wasn’t surprised to be selected as a career counselor,” Colosimo said. “He epitomizes the ‘sailor first’ mindset and has done whatever it takes to help seafarers in their careers.”

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