Eric Adams’ focus on career criminals is a no-brainer

With lawmakers still refusing to let judges consider a defendant’s “danger” when deciding bail, Mayor Eric Adams is focused on keeping repeat offenders off the streets.Washington As The Post reported Monday, it’s a smart move, especially when thieves, many of them career criminals, are terrorizing the city’s stores.

still just one He and Gov. Kathy Hochul are among several criminal justice amendments that need to be pushed in the new Congress.

Last week, Adams pointed to repeat offender Shanice Avilés, who has been arrested at least 26 times for allegedly breaking into Robert De Niro’s Manhattan townhouse.

“Look at her record,” he exasperated. Whenever people say, “Why am I talking about recidivism?” . . this is what we are talking about. ”

Criminals “think our criminal justice system is a joke,” he added. Those arrested for grand theft go to court, are released, and “on their way home from court they commit another grand theft.”

This is consistent with The Post’s series of reports of serial offenders. 100 collars With a rap sheet – they can roam the streets many times.58-year-old career criminal just this month 99 Two weeks after being caught for sexual abuse and quickly released, the arrestee is said to have assaulted a police officer.

In stores, especially in Manhattan’s trendy tourist destinations, large-scale thefts (thefts of $1,000 or more) are up 28% citywide this year, but Manhattan, including Times Square, Grand Central Terminal and Madison Square Garden. Even more so in the Southern Region. , some business owners are blaming the state’s disastrous 2019 bail reform.

They are right to do so: That “amendment” eliminates the ability of judges to request bail for all but the most serious crimes, leaving crime-friendly judges like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Combined with the prosecutor, he left the company.

Hochul and Adams need to seek amendments to other laws, such as Raise the Age, which keeps teenagers under 18 out of criminal courts, and “discovery” rules that prosecutors often fail to comply with. there is.

Good news? The government may have received a message from the November elections. She was more likely to lose than any Democrat in decades.voter care Talk about the crime and hold her accountable if things don’t improve.

She and Adams plan to involve lawmakers in a number of criminal justice amendments, including giving judges more leeway over bail and allowing prosecutors to hold defendants without requiring bail. It is said that there are

Members of parliament have already twice rejected the government’s amendments to the criminal justice system. But she was elected in her own right, and with the help of the authority she has in her budget process, she may finally be able to move this forward. cross the

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